How can you give her a mind blowing orgasm

Really hard to say.

What works with one woman does not work with another. What is sexually provocative or exciting for one lady, doesn’t mean anything for other. Having said this we should remark that swingers also have a great deal in common. It would be surprising if it were otherwise: Swingers are, after all, physically and psychologically similar in a number of ways. This similarity allows us to generalize in particular ways, i.e. in connection with what turns peoples on. I talking about swingers, because it is well know, they have a lot of experience in sex with different sex partners.

Once again, hard to say what works with who. Some people do not need to much to get into the mood. If you are not in the mood, you should not have sex. You can’t have fun, if you are not in the mood. For example swingers usually most of the time are in the mood. If they are not they do not swing, they stay home and watch TV.

So how can you get your partner into the mood? Sexy dress, erotic dancing, teasing and touching, tricky perfumes, romantic music and uncovered body parts may help. Watching others in sexual acts turn on every men and can make horny many women too. Many people, men and women can get turned on via watching an erotic DVD.

What about you?

If you and your partner are horny, can you satisfy your partner? A consensus seems to be emerging that, for all active couples the most sexually stimulating technique is often oral sex. If they lie head to toe or 69 position, they can of course do it to each other simultaneously. However 69 is not the best position to give her a mind blowing orgasm. More >>>

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