How do I get my wife interested in swinging

We have swapped my wife twice before but both either of them was not a good experience. She has been with her girlfriend and seemed to have a good time. Her girlfriend has been hitting on her again but nothing has happened.

Should I talk to her girlfriend, shes is also married to a very good friend of mine. Continue Reading>>>


You wrote it: “We have swapped twice before…” She tried it twice, did not like it, then it it is not for her. End of the game.

The next sentence of yours: “She has been with her girlfriend and seemed to have a good time….” Did you participate in? Did you watch them? What make you think, she had a good time?

She might be bi, and or your cock is enough cock for her…

If I were you, I would talk with with your buddy, (who is your wife’s girlfriend hubby) about this, then find a reason and invite them over to you place for some kind of party. When the party is going on you just have to find the right time to talk about this (all four of you together).

But you definitely should talk with you buddy first. He need to be prepared first. All this might be new for him, but is not new for you, for your wife and your hubbies wife.

If both of you work together, you might have a lot of fun. For example you buddy can start to make out with his wife and then you and your wife join them… But your buddy might have sex with your wife… Can you handle this? Continue Reading>>>

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slim body with nice bootyFirst serve her… with a big dick man. Set up a threesome first with a big cock man. You have to be sure that guy can fuck her brain out.  No more “not a good experience”.

If she going to have the orgasm of her life time, then she want to have more, then you can talk about partner or spouse swapping. Continue Reading>>>


What are you talking about? Sounds like she’s pretty interested from where I’m
standing. She’s swapped twice and is shagging her girlfriend! Continue Reading>>>


Hot MochaloeTalk to your wife and see if she’s interested and if she isn’t, let it go.

Maybe she likes being with you and her girlfriend, but not having another man in the picture. You can suggest a FMF 3some, maybe she’ll
go for that. Continue Reading>>>


naughty womanObviously he’s not too good of a “very good friend” of yours if you’re considering sleeping with his wife whom I’m assuming is sleeping around without his knowledge, or you did not tell us all of the story…

If he knows about it, I say go for it and talk to her and him too. If he doesn’t know then back off. Continue Reading>>>

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ride me soonYou can’t ‘get’ your wife interested in swinging.

If she has tried it twice and not enjoyed it why would you expect
her to try again? Continue Reading>>>


Talk to your wife first, the girl second, and your friend last. Tell them all what you have been wanting. Just see what they say. Continue Reading>>>


athletic menIt sounds like you haven’t found exactly what she is looking for in the experience.

Try a talk about some erotic fantasy, that you would like to try and see if she will comment on it. It might be a younger guy; a black guy; a athletic woman. Who knows what will put her imagination and hormones into overdrive. Continue Reading>>>


When your both together, ask her what her true feelings are about the subject, you never know she might still be interested, but feel you’ll be upset with her for showing interest.

Maybe its your turn to treat her to a 3-some, with you and another guy. Come  on… she did it for you twice with girls…

Now its her turn. Continue Reading>>>


Some women will “try” out another woman… for the one time kinky factor, but once it’s  done, it’s done. No real interest, because they’re not bi-sexual.

Some other women would rather try out another man in the swingers thing, but are  reluctant to suggest it as this sends a lot of hubbies into a jealous tizzy. They want another woman, but don’t want their main squeeze to want another man.

The odd factor in all this:  Is there are tons of fellows willing to bang your wife and finding that solo lady, well, they’re not called “Unicorns” for nothing!

Ask her first if she’s into swinging, she may not be. Ask her if she has any interest in other men, with your wholehearted stamp of approval, of course!

I see that you want her to want women, but maybe she’s just not bi-sexual. Some gals, just like cock.

Be prepared to lose your wife, if she finds a better lover than you are. I understand this is a fairly common situation with women that are pressed into swinging when they really had no desire for it.

Always be careful of what you ask for, sometimes you may just get it! Continue Reading>>>


Why don’t you start by having a candid conversation about
what you’re into.

Ask her to describe things she might be interested in trying (or trying again). Continue Reading>>>

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