How can I pick women up for NSA sex

I am feeling very unsure of myself right now. I’m very new to on line  dating and even newer to erotic on-line dating.  Though I am extremely eager, however I’m not really sure that I know what I’m doing. Continue reading…

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As you can see I’m behind the times. I never used the Internet to find date or partner or to find anyone for casual encounter… I mean NSA sex thing..

I’ll get back to the point before I bore anyone. What I am really unsure about is this; When I send emails or invites I’m worried about saying the wrong thing to break the ice. I know what I want to say, but I am not sure what to say especially if I try cybersex (if you get my drift) but I’m concerned that I may say something to offend the lady, despite how  forward and open they are in their profiles.

I do not wish to offend. So I’m wary of how to start a conversation, invite or email. Do I get straight to the point with the desires and wishes in their profile?

Or do I talk about the weather first?

You would think my age and experience would already provide the answers for me, but I’ve been out of touch with the female gender for some time and things seemed to have changed – in a good way, of course.

So, did anyone else my age have the same problem when they first went on a on-line erotic dating website, or am I just being an idiot?

Hope someone out there can help me with this. I’m feeling pretty useless right now. Continue reading…


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Be yourself with no false pretense and never claim to be something you are not, as it will get exposed. Avoid one liners, and don’t mail a fucking book either, the hopeless romantics get deleted for the most part.

If you claim to be nothing more or less than you, a match will most likely occur. Fill out all of your profile, and get a picture up, at least on main profile, and a picture of nothing but your cock.

Be honest, cause it ain’t nothing for me to slam the door in your face if you are not honest, don’t give a shit how horny you are or how far you drove.  Continue reading…


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Never talk NSA sex  and any sex related thing, activity likes and dislikes  in your first email. Make sure you read her profile before you email her then simply introduce yourself and tell her what it was about her profile that attracted you and how you think she may be a match for you.

Also add a photo of yourself in the email, especially since you don’t have any on your profile at present. Cock shots are not really appreciated in the first email so a nice face or body shot would be ideal.  Continue reading…




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Write something along the lines of this sample, be aware that if a profile gives you no angle to work with, ask a question instead. It’s the best thing to offer in place of expressing a shared interest.

My name is ___________. I read you profile and I can see that you like _____________.

Your profile also stated that you like _________, which I also enjoy a lot. I’d like to know more about you.

Some of my interests are _________, _____________ and ____________. I think
we might have more to talk about as we do share some interests and experiences. I hope you’ll feel the same way…

I hope I will hear from you soon,

Your Signature Continue reading…


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You have to present yourself as good as possible, you have to make a good first impression. There is no second chance to make a good first impression.

Present yourself as someone she might really talk to be a friend.

I’ve found that by simply responding to her experiences with similar stories, it is the sharing of laughs, a joke on yourself, etc etc not telling too much personal drama gives her the comfort of opening up at her own pace.

Don’t run away with her conversations should she bring up the subject of sex, just listen!

Trust is built upon simple steps and if you are honest, and she can see clearly that you are not a player, she will very likely respond more openly. Recognize her comfort zones
and respect her.

Keep sex out of your correspondence unless or until she initiates that sort of conversation. Don’t run away with a topic, but listen to what she’s saying, what she hears back is crucial if you want the next steps to happen at all… which is usually NSA sex. Continue reading…

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This is a casual sex dating website. People on here are looking for NSA, no commted sex only. I believe it should come down the road. Sex is important to a relationship, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in a relationship.

I get to “know” people true emails and IM first. Read her profile and say hello and something like I  think we have some things in common, then ask her if she wants to
know more about you.

Put up a facial picture first. Later on if you want you can post a full body picture. Some women are into big cocks, so if your cock is big, you can upload your cock’s photo into your photo album, but don’t use the cock photo as profile photo.   Continue reading…


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I like men who are sweet, but also know why they want to meet with me. Being nice and getting to the point on time is rather important for me. Continue reading…


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Most men we meet it’s their first time from the site. Everyone is nervous a little before the meeting or in the first part of the meeting or date, however,  once underwears  are down everyone usually relaxes quick enough…. So don’t worry, just be yourself. Continue reading…


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Join some groups here on Swingers Couple that are into what you like sexually, or are interested in getting into.

For example groups for threesome lovers, or group from gang bangs lovers, or for couples who are looking for single men, or local swingers groups. There are several thousands groups, so you will find  something that you are into, that is almost sure.

Once you join a group (it is free to join) read their rules first then read & make replies according to those rules. If  you break the rules they will kick you out and they might even ban you, so definitely read those rules.

Most of us here feel more comfortable when there is that interaction as we feel like we get a good sense of who that person is. Kind of we get to know the person from the group, before we meet. C