My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

How is it started? My husband talked about his erotic fantasy, which was to watch me have sex with another men.  At that time we were 9 years married, so make the long story short, one day during sex he confessed to wanting to watch me with another man.

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We used to watch porn video a lot before and have had some similar role playing experience… but  I  had to ask him, if he meant it. He said of course, and also he told me I am free to find a willing man.

By the way to make it happen took several months… There was a man… he always flirted me very aggressively and I found him attractive too, so I sett it up with that man.   The only catch was, we wanted bare back, I can’t get pregnant, so before the actual play time he had to go to STD screening. He said yes, if I go too, so we both did.

When the test results came back, we had our first play time. I was worried about how my husband would feel and I was worry about myself too. I did not orgasm, not at that time, but the hubby, he loved every minute of it. It felt like he loved it a little too much.

As soon our guest  left, my husband had sex with me, I still had our guest’s semen inside me.

I was sure he is bi sexually, or he has some modern day cuckolding fetish, but now (2years later) and after several different sex partners  I know he is not gay and not bi. He never touch the other guy, he just sits and watch, and sometimes play with his penis. When the guy leave he fucks me… real hard.

Since that first time two things changed, the first, we are not into bareback. Condom is most. The second thing, I am enjoy this play dates too and I can orgasm several times…

Why am I here? We are running out of willing men? Continue Reading…

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My husband love to watch me too and he as your husband never joins in.

He gets exited by inviting another man to join me… by what’s known as “sperm competition.”

Watching me to have sex with another man makes him more excited than to have “traditional” sex with me. After the  the other guy leave his orgasm always a more intense orgasm, than his traditional love making orgasm…

I think it is something in some men’s brain, but I do not complain, I have my share of fun too… but agree, lately really hard to find nice guys to play with. Continue Reading…


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We are a cuckold couple too, and I know we know few things about cuckolding, non of you is really cuckolding…  cuckolding is different.

I think your husband is just a Voyeur.  Or there is an other explanation… I red it somewhere, human beings evolved in very intimate groups where sex often involved multiple partners… maybe something like this effecting your husband. Continue Reading…

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My long time boyfriend and I has been into MFM threesomes for a while… I have to tell you I’m all for it and luckily the boyfriend is a voyeur, so really speaking he gets what he wants with a certain amount of control.

By the  way I think a lot of men are voyeurs, it is fact, men are visuals… Isn’t it the same? Anyways I get all the attention I want, and he enjoys himself too. He is not gay at all.  I think this is his way of giving me more sexual pleasure, while his orgasm more intense too.

For example in a mfm threesome he can have several orgasm, while one on one he can cum only once.. We like it, it is like we are teenagers again… Continue Reading…

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I have had many MFM threesomes with my loving husband of 18 years and with select younger guys. Select means, no older then 30 years old and hung like a bull…

We do it because we enjoy it, it is  very erotic and it gives me the  pleasure that no single guy can provide. As someone alredy said at above, it turns my husband on so much, he is able to play much longer. I think it is a mind game… He have to prove to himself, he is still a man, he is still sexually competitive even if the other guy is half of his age… Continue Reading…

Sex with multiply partners are fun, but there is only one way to make it a good sexual experience, all parties need to be into it and everything needs to be agreed beforehand, or wont work…


My husband enjoys seeing me with two men

Do you like to be watched while having sex?

I like to watch my wife too… while she have sex with some other men

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