Hunted Halloween Sex Party

There are many ways to celebrate the Halloween but for my taste, the best way is sex. Preferable no string attached casual sex… What do you think? What I think? I think only one thing is better than sex… more sex, or scary sex at a Halloween sex party.

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Halloween is hard for people who lives alone (like me). Some of them get depressed, some of them will feel lonely. I am in the lonely category, but not because of Halloween, because after Halloween just the Christmas` holiday season (here in Canada) and the year is over.

X-mass is family holiday, so people visiting their families and spend times with their families. Good for them and easy for them, however my family lives several thousands km a way, so visit them is not that simple at all.

Luckily I have few really good friends, and usually we spend X-mass together, but it is only 1 – 2 days, and the Holiday season is longer.

At Halloween… I will try to be a party animal. There are always wild parties at Halloween…. The bad thing, usually those parties are on the same day, and I can participate in one or maybe in two…

I am a really positive person, and I know from experience, no one want a negative person to be around… but when the party is over… I have to get back to reality, and I realize it, one year is almost gone again… Sad… Eh? Continue Reading…


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Christmas is such a difficult time of year, and all those commercials of perfect families having perfect holidays and receiving perfect gifts don’t help one whit.

Life isn’t like that, at Christmas or any other time. If you just stop and think about it you will realize that it is true.

There are families where the hate is palpable, and yet they get together for the holidays because that is what families do. If you have nothing to do, no one to visit at Christmas, go and volunteer somewhere, in hospital or shelter or anywhere where they need helping hands. It is much better than being alone..

But before Christmas, comes Halloween. I have a Halloween tip for you…, organize an erotic party with your sex friends. If you do not have sex friend, than organize a party.  There are a lot of people here, who would go to your party. Continue Reading…

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I agree… volunteering is an excellent idea.

No, your depression won’t go away, but focusing on others for awhile can sometimes put things into perspective and lift your spirits for the short term.

Counselings is also an excellent idea. Search Google for your city or the city near by mental health dept. They probably offer counselings on a sliding fee scale.

One note, not all therapists are created equal. If you don’t establish a rapport with one, request another.

Also a party is not bad either, even though, it would not last all Holiday Season long, but the preparation would keep you busy for a while, and list you will have some fun too.

It do not have to be a sex party, if you are not into NSA, just make a party… Wishing you brighter tomorrows. Continue Reading…

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I have many sexually open minded people to share the holidays, it starts Halloween party  with and by Christmas over, I always get depressed, because x-mass should be family holiday.

I am lucky if 1 of my children and their families spend Christmas-eve with me. I have found that volunteering is a great way to stave off the holiday blues. Continue Reading…


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Lots of us are alone and lonely – most of the time outside work, not just the holidays. That is the main reason why I am here.

At list I can be myself here and I can make it crystal clean what I am looking for. Continue Reading…


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I’m going through some tough times right now, so absolutely want to talk about Christmas yet, but a hunted Halloween sex party sound like I would be participate in…

The suggestion at above on volunteering. If you’re not doing it already, perhaps you might enjoy doing volunteering at one of your local animal shelters.

I got a lot of satisfaction from doing that. And they always could use help.

Or maybe a hospice/elderly care home. The folks in these homes nearly always enjoy
talking to a new person.

I think overall the best thing you can do is keep busy with something you like to do. But a kinky party would not be bad either… Continue Reading…

Halloween Sex PartyHunted Halloween Sex Party

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I won’t let myself get Depressed… NO WAY! Not anymore.

I am the master of my feelings and I can choose to make it positive or negative. We all have positive things in our lives. Sometimes we just have to search them out!

Yes, I have been “alone” for a long ass time… but, I don’t dwell on the “whoa-is me” attitude. I only have one life and I want to live it to max. I’ll be mellow when I’m dead!

Do you ever notice that people gravitate towards the positive people. Who wants to hang out with negative, sad, and depressed people!? Not me… I won’t be that person. Continue Reading…


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