Husbands who love to see their wives during sex with other men

Some men love watching other men have penetrative sex with their wives. Watch your wife with another man, why would a man do that?

he loves to watch herMen who love to watch their wives during sex with another men – She loves it too!

There are various possible reasons for this, might be his health, maybe he can’t perform anymore, or it can be their fantasy, or her sex drive stronger, or he might give a boost to their sex life. It might have to do something about sex drive, in a hope of  non stop sex, longer play times,  maybe threesomes and or double penetration fantasy, Voyeurism, etc. There are a lot of sexual act, that impossible to perform in a singular relationship

But, is fact, only few men agree to their wife have penetrative sex outside of marriage if he can not be present, but more than few love to watch.

hotwifingcouple into hotwifing

For example the man part of a married couple,  who is into casual sex with others said:  “After years of marriage I started to wonder, what would it be like  to make out with another woman?”

In simple words, he was thinking about little bit of variety. It does not mean the love is gone from his marriage, he just wanted something a little bit deterrent.

Just the newness of it, the experience with another person is very electrifying. It charges men up. It gives men something that they just can’t get from someone that they know very well,  for example their wife, girlfriend or spouse. Our man did not wanted to cheat on his wife, so he explained it to her.

He had cuckold fantasies before marriage, and he made his wife aware of it. She said she have threesomes fantasies, with two men, but made it clear it would never happen — she couldn’t possibly do that, therefore it would stay fantasy forever,  but she also agreed,  it was fine to fantasize about and talk about it together and even watch porn movies during love making sessions.

So they did for years.

we shareWe Share Her with Men

Lets get back to our man. He said: “After about 12 years of marriage, we ran into a porn movies’ category on our Android TV box, the category name is: Husband Share Wife. We get hooked to that category, and at once I told to her, we saw so many threesome videos, couples and extra man, I just want to watch you,  can’t we try being really naughty just once? And for my big surprise, she  said; “It might be very satisfying, I would not mind to try”. From that point everything rolled smoothly, but of course it took some time…”

In our open sexual word and since the Internet boom everyone, married or not have unlimited opportunities to meet someone for casual sex – via Internet.

We created our profile and published it with several of her naked  photo.  Some of the photos here on this page from our profile: Take a look at to our profile and photos.

Virtually in a few days we received replies from over hundred, want to be sex partners men from all age and all size and from world wide. After some filtering, web cam-ing and meetings we choose one young guy, 18 years junior to my age. The  big day arrived and he reached orgasm before even  penetrated her, so I had to take care of her needs.

A lot of hesitation and carefully selection and we managed to choose the wrong man. But this was our, my first real cuckold experience.

wife sharing

Middle Aged Couple Looking  For Young Men To Share Her

Some would think “Oh, horror, that’s supposed to be terrible”. No it wasn’t terrible, both of us was extremely turned on so we had a marathon love making session, and agreed on, we will try again at on other time, which did not happen for few moths.

That was a failure too… that guy did not even show up, however we prepared for that weekend even in more details, we reserved hotel room, extremely sexy outfit to her, candles and music and condoms, etc., well we ended up in a night club. All tables were taken, we sat at the bar and a young couple  invited us to join them at their table.  Make the long story short, after bar hours we went to our hotel room together and it happened. We had the best sex ever, with all possible variation and combination.

Since that time we had more than few sex friends, but we not over do it.  As far as we’re concerned, it is a good way to charge our self up once in a while and get a very erotic sexual experience that we just can’t get any other way.

Here at the end I answer to the question: Why I like to watch her, while she have sex with other men?

My wife sexual experiences with someone else, enhance my own sexual experiences.  There are just some things I can’t do my own, I have to get them from outside sources…

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