I a m a women and I like rough sex. I love being dominated by both sexes.

horny coupleSubmissive or dom..?

I have recently found out that I prefer to be dominated by men when it comes to sex.To be told to do things, to be put where I’m needed to go..etc. I love it…

But when it comes to women, I have a tendency to be dominant over them. I don’t understand this. I tell them what to do to me or what to do with my husband. I boss around our female sex partners pretty much, and I enjoy it…

I have never been this way. Any reason why I am now..? Continue Reading>>>


I don’t know, but I love being dominated by both sexes, makes me feel real sexy and horny. Continue Reading>>>

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At this point in time, I’ve learned I am very flexible when it comes to being either dominant or submissive. I really have no preference. What is important to me is the quality of the sexual experience. I am very particular in terms of whom I let into my bed, so my experience is rather limited. However, I have played both roles successfully.

As far as your situation is concerned, you are part of a couple and you probably have been part of this couple for a while. I suspect that, because you as a couple seek out women, you prefer to assume the dominant role with these women so that you can be in charge of the situation.

Maybe it also makes you feel more secure or it turns you on more to be the dom when it comes to women. If I let a woman into my bed with a man, I would want to be in control so that the situation did not get out of hand.

Of course, at the same time, I wouldn’t ask a woman to do something with which she is not comfortable. Continue Reading>>>

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Most people respond to power and control in meaningful ways. Sometimes it’s negative. This is one of those times where it’s positive and presents erotic feelings during sex play.

No particular reason this happens other than we are all innately sexual creatures, relax and enjoy your new found way to enjoy sex. Continue Reading>>>


You have discovered the delights of being a switch. I am a submissive to both men and women but a friend is a switch with both sexes and loves it. Says she gets the best of both worlds.

So who is switch in sex?

The person is switch who can be dominant and submissive too, and may alternate between the two. Other name is versatile. Switch may switch roles based on mood, desire, or to allow each partner to experience their preferred activity.

It is also common for people to switch with different partners, such as when a person play with males or play with females. You are like this… Continue Reading>>>


naughty womanIt’s not uncommon for people to switch roles in the bedroom. You have a preference for each sex… Not too big of a surprise and not abnormal either in my opinion. Continue Reading>>>


full swap couple

You wouldn’t think if you look at me… but I like rough sex.

I like it gentle and slow sometimes from my husband, but what I really like is when he gives me detailed instructions of where and how to kiss and suck, how to move.

Really, though, I like to get it hard from anyone who wants to take control, male or female. I like to play the slut. I guess you could say I’m submissive in the bedroom. So what? It is the way how I love it.

My hubby’s often reluctant to play rough or let an extra woman (or two!) into our bedroom, but I’ve gradually convinced him to get more dominant, and to accept the occasional male “guest” too.

So you asked why I am now? Does it matter? If you enjoy being submissive to men and dominant towards women, then that is what works for you! So why ask why? Just have fun! Continue Reading>>>

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