I am a squirter, and I can tell you it’s one of the most wonderful sexual experiences I ever had.

Female Ejaculation – Squirting…

A lot of men believe squirting is the greatest single sexual response a woman could have. Or sex with  a squirting women, something like every men will remember…

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Not because it messy, because it fills great. If she is squirting, he knows, he did her right.

Just to knowing it,  good for his “male” ego… A woman can fake orgasms, but can not fake squirting. Continue Reading…


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Believe it or not- there are still many people who are not aware of squirting or what it’s all about. I myself only found out about it in just the past 2 years.

I believe I have squirted before, but I always thought it was pee! I ask men now if they know about it and if they know how to make a woman squirt. If they say no, then I let them know what I know,  and I teach them how to do it!

Some women like me don’t squirt very far,  mostly I just gush and soak the bed! But it feels awesome!

I would love it if a man told me how much he enjoyed it! I feel it would be much less embarrassing if it was talked about openly and enjoyed by both! Continue Reading…


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There is really no way to control it, or even really know when it going to happen… If you do it right it might happen and, you and me and the bed will get soaking wet…

If you do not want to get wet, don’t play with me…. Continue Reading…


casual sexScentualPlezur

I like to hear when a partner enjoys sex. We all like compliments, as long as they are real, right?

My guess is that most squirters have an uncomfortable experience with a past partner’s
reaction. In my case, a teenage boyfriend accused me of peeing all over him.

Now I have a wonderful sex partner now who really enjoys my squirting. His delight is so obvious that it’s a real turn-on for me… Continue Reading…


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Being a squirted myself, happy to seeing so much int rest on the
issue. Thee are much more on Google… just Google it.

Keep in mind that not all women ejaculate like fire hydrant. Some do almost and always a lot of fluid, some never and some just intermittently and it has no bearing on either partner or their experience as a lover or sex partner.

Female ejaculate fluid does not look, smell or taste like piss! Squirted  fluid is usually clear and sweet smelling.

If it looks like piss, it smells like piss, than probably, that is a piss. In this case, very likely, someone fakes squirting… Continue Reading…

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I as an experienced lover, I have found that every woman I had sex with (since my first marriage), is capable of experiencing a vaginal orgasm.

I have been with a lot of women, many of whom had never experienced an orgasm
during intercourse, before. I have learned how to to massage here genital area  with my penis during intercourse, while keeping constant pressure on the clitoris with my pelvis.

Each of these women experienced an vaginal orgasm. For many, it was the first orgasm they experienced during intercourse.

For those who had only experienced a clitoral orgasm, they told me that the vaginal orgasm is a more powerful and deeper orgasm that can quickly repeat in the form of multiple orgasms with continued stimulation.

Less than half of those women actually “squirted” during orgasm and only a few produced large amounts of fluid.

However, even women that had never experienced an orgasm during intercourse or masturbation were able to experience a vaginal orgasm with me.

Thanks for my my first wife for her help to learn this technique. She taught me well. Continue Reading…


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I was really glad when my husband reassured me it was perfectly ok to squirt.

I didn’t know exactly what happened and was embarrassed!!! He in fact assured me that most men are very pleased when they can make a woman squirt. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

I enjoy being with a woman who squirts, moderately… However I would not want to be with any woman, doesn’t matter how hot she is… who squirts like a horse…

There are a lot of porn videos, where girls masturbate with toys and squirting, humongous amount of fluid… I think those squirts are fake…

Anyways, I don’t think any men, want a lot of  stinky liquid all themselves. Given all that,  am in no way criticizing anyone who like this. Just not for me. Only in moderation… Continue Reading…


sex datingUnduplicated1

I am a squirter, and I can tell you it’s one of the most wonderful sexual experiences I ever had. I just learned to  squirt about six months ago or so, and only one man is capable of making me squirt.

For me, it’s more pleasurable than my other orgasms, and I am multi-orgasmic. My lover gets me to squirt… He massages my Gspot with his fingers, while kissing me. Continue Reading…

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