I Am Addicted to Anal Sex

No any sex party a sex party without anal sex, special a Holiday sex party. I love anal sex, but not everyone is like me. Your preferences and my preferences might not be the same. Just because I love anal penetration (and yes I can obtain orgasm from anal sex only), it does not mean every men who I meet going to anal penetrate me. No, that is just for a selected few.

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However I can guaranty it for you, if you are a man and  if you try anal sex, with someone like me, you are going to enjoy it. As I stated at above, I can obtain mind blowing orgasms, anal orgasms via anal sex – via anal penetration. I can keep cumming, again and again, orgasm after the orgasm. There is nothing better for me than an anal orgasm.

A lot of man think that, anal sex is dirty, because anus was created for exit only. Yes its true, anus was created for exit only, but there are many other things that created for something and we use it for something else.

Anal sex should not be dirty, of course the butt need to be washed and cleaned in details. Like you do not want to kissing with somebody who just had a pound of smoked stinky fish or garlic sausage. Even if they brushed their teeth, the garlic smell comes from the stomach, true the nose and sometimes even true on skins pores.

I know a man, he is like Dracula, if he smells garlic, his dick gets flaccid and he will ran a way…

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Anal sex is different with clean anus… No risk taken, of course condom is most. The anus is not flexible like a pussy, it can be damaged easily, therefore bleeding can happen, so condom is most not just because hygienic reason, but for protection from STD . Continue Reading…

My coworkers told me, her husband is fascinated with anal sex. Let me tell you, I invited them to my upcoming Christmas party, because I really enjoy anal sex and if the partners are right, I wont scare a way from anal – vaginal double penetration.

I believe no any sex party is perfect with out anal sex. I am not sure about you, but I think you are thinking about it too, otherwise you would not read about my anal sex addiction…

Just remember, anal sex is a sexual activity that human been performed on each other, before we even counted the years. The human race did not know what is a year or a month, but they did know where to put they erected dick… Even that time anal princess was treated with respect…

Isn’t it wonderful? I just carry the tradition… . Continue Reading…

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I love anal sex and his penis size would be perfect for anal sex but he says anal sex is gross

Is she into anal sex? If yes, for anal sex than do an anal vaginal double penetration with a dildo and your dick

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