I am invited to an adult Valentine’s Day party

Adult Dating AdsThat party plan to be an erotic party, but with a bunch of newbie… so I am not sure it will be erotic enough or just an other Valentine’s Day party.

Anyways, I am a 40 years young divorced man and friend of my invited me to that party. Of course sex is in my mind. So my question for the ladies; If you would go to that party, or just forget the party. Lets talk about the first date.

Would you ever have sex on the first meet?

I just wanna know how many females will have sex with someone on first sight. Doesn’t matter it is on a Valentine’s Day sex party, or on first date. If not, why not? Continue reading...

erotic dating

kitty for sexI have no any problem to have sex on the first date or on the first meeting, or on the first party.

But not with everyone. The guy need to be confident and he need to act like a man supposed to act.

Some kind of chemistry is needed. That guy (or guys) have to turn me on. They have to get my fantasy go…

I would have sex with you… with out any hesitation at any time. Just to look at your semi hard, nice size dick… got me dripping wet. I think I have to get one of my toy to fix myself up…. Hmmm, because of your big dick! Continue reading...


Well, I’ve meet of a few women who say they would never have sex on the first meet, only to learn they do when you first meet them. Continue reading...


erotic datingNo fucking way. The first meeting is like a job interview, just with coffee and scones.

I want to look the guy in the eye and find out if he is honest or not. I might even ask him to drop his pants right there in the coffee place so I can see if his Johnson is as big as it looks in the pictures he sent me… Continue reading...

Recreational Sex AdsErotic Adult Dating Ads

erotic datingSince the first meeting is generally at a coffee of some sort,
sex wouldn’t really be an appropriate activity.  However this does not apply on a sex party.

If we are talking about dating, even “adult dating”  the main reasons I choose the first meeting to be somewhere like a coffee. Continue reading...


naughty womanThe first time I meet someone from here and or from anywhere else, is when I will decide if the right chemistry there and if i want to take it further.

If there’s gonna be sex involved, that cums later…. Continue reading...


I have met three women from this site and had sex with two of them the first time we met. But there were many emails and hours and hours of telephone conversations before we met.

Even then, we didn’t just meet and jump right into bed. On one date the sex didn’t  commence until the fourth hour of being together and on the other it wasn’t
until the sixth hour of the date.

I would not say that these women were ‘easy’ and in both cases relationships were formed…

It wasn’t just meeting for sex. Continue reading...

hot SuesseSwingers Personal Ads

kinky sex adsLet’s face it. This is an adult dating and swingers sex site. There is no Snow Whites here. People comes here to find NSA sex partner.

Of course the majority of them would have sex on the first date, if there is the so called chemistry.

If you go to an erotic party, Valentine’s Day party or not, what ever is the reason to have that sex party… but very likely some people will have sex on the first meeting. Common man, just think about it… When you were young, in your teen age, you never even heard of NSA sex or casual sex, or swingers sex, and went for a house party and end up fuck or get fucked by someone in the garden or in  the bathroom…

So don’t tell me you would not have sex on the first date from people on this website. Of course not with everyone, or not with just anyone… but if there is some attraction, then why not?

We are here, all of us, because of sex. Agree? Continue reading...


adult datingI certainly keep and never kept no puristic rules about this. Besides you  know there is even love at the first sight!

If is dating, for me there must at least be chemistry and feelings of security before sex.

That depends on how well we get to know each other before we meet and when are face to face, somewhere in a safe public place.

If is an adult themed party, then everything depends on mood, chemistry and attraction. Continue reading...

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