I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

sex friendsSex with Friends
I really like him as a friend and I just wondering how good he in sex… But I don’t want to risk our friendship and I can not imagine him as a long time sex partner or spouse.

Have you ever sexually been with a good friend and if so were you able to remain friends?

Or did the friendship deteriorate afterwards? Continue reading...

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I’ve see it go both ways.

As a general rule, I don’t cross that line, I value my friendships too much to take the chance. Continue reading...


I have had sex with friends… Actually with a group of friends. They are pretty chill though so theres been no drama. Continue reading...


Yes I had sex with friend too, and it didn’t change our friendship because we were honest with each other about what we were doing and why. We are still friends to this day and we get together and end up making out. Not to often, but it happens… Continue reading...


adult dating adsWhether you want it or not, sex DOES make things a little complicated.

With that being said, if both sides are mature enough about it, then I don’t see a problem. I have slept with co workers, trainers at my gym etc. whom I see almost every day, but both of us are cool about it so no problem there.

However, there are cases of girl I slept with and then she wanted to become possesive and make shit wierd, so then I just had to dump her as a friend, because she wanted more then a friendship… Continue reading...

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I think your sex partners should almost always be your friends but you do have to be careful which friends you choose.

I don’t think you should have sex with a friend you are not powerfully sexually attracted to and never with someone who has been ghosting around, being “the nice guy” just for the chance to get in your pants. Continue reading...


sex personal adsYes, we had sex with friends and hope we will have more sex with more friends… but with some friends, not with all of out friends.

How we choose?

Depends on the nature of the friendship and the stability or emotional well being of this friend. Continue reading...

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How my friend got me make out with him and with his wife

… Few weeks were gone by and I begun to forget she is a woman, even though I found her sexually very attractive. Then one Saturday afternoon Jack reminded me how sexy she was. We’d had a few drinks while watching the hockey game and just as the third period started Ria brought in a plate of nachos.

– You really found the perfect wife I said.
– Yeah, isn’t she a beauty?
Jack asked, sliding his arms around her. His hands dangled down to her boobs and begun caressing them. I looked quickly to the TV, but Jack voice turned me back to them.
– And her boobs are the best I ever had. Come here and feel them….

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Have a lot of fun and play safe….