I have been in a spontaneous mmmf situation at once. Yes tree guys fucked me and I wear them down

Hi everybody, I wanted to see what everyone’s opinion is on threesomes?

bi sex adsMy boyfriend and I are really curious and would love to take part in one but I wanted to hear other people’s opinions or experiences. I mean male – female – male threesomes.

This would be our first one. Can I ask how should we manage to make it work for both of us?

I know that sounds like a ridiculous question!

It just seems like a really taboo thing to everyone apart from you guys on here! Haha! Continue Reading…

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erotic dating GlasgowGal77

Threesomes are great …  Personally prefer two guys too, MFM or MMF… Done male – female – female (MFF) to death. You need to find a really good sex partner a really talented guy… who will be able to make two women cum several times…. hard to do with one cock four holes…. or even six…

Two guys and a woman much more better team to start with. But more is a merrier, actually prefer moresomes. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexLisaLipgloss

Sigh, a girl can dream about two cocks….

I (we) tried with another girl, because but the guy didn’t turn up three times. Three different guys… chickened out.

Well, three different guys…. and no action just big mouth.

Another girl and I tried to get two guys and that was even more hopeless, every guy saying he would until we mentioned another guy will be in the room. I have a guy in mind for another attempt so I am hoping… Continue Reading…


no string sexHornypair692269

We’ve had a few threesomes, and moresomes

At once got into it off a drunken conversation at a house party with a guy we knew, one thing led to another and I got fucked by my hubby and the guy… Lol…

Then had another with someone else we knew and that have happened in the heat of the moment too, but we wasn’t have any drink at that time, and we loved it.

We loved it so much, we decided we wanted to keep doing it but were running out of friends and viola, we ended up here…

Had quite a few more since joining, its great place to find sex partners, but you have to be elective… As you someone said above, some guys are fake… a lot of talk and no actions. Continue Reading…

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no string attached sexlil_emj

So I’ve been thinking… and no did not hurt myself… 🙂 even though I am not a big one on planning erotic things like threesomes

Why not? Because if I think too much than I think about it a lot and even more… and then  I tend to come to the conclusion that its a bad idea..

But i am curious.  I have been in a spontaneous  mmmf situation at once… Yes tree guys fucked me and I wear them down… It wasn’t planned, I did not think about it before… but I loved it. I am getting wet just writing this…

Of course I was thinking about it after… something like that, what have I done, but it was a great experience and I enjoyed it so much… The feel the use three men, until they can not do anything… that is a great feeling.

Is there a possibility of getting a group of people together and then seeing where it leads?

Especially since it seems that rarely does anything happen from organized situations. Just get together somewhere, have a couple of drink or a diner and we will see where it will go.

I know that sounds more like a swingers thing than a 3some thing… but hey what ever works… Does not matter how you name it…

Is anyone think thats a good idea? Continue Reading…


no string sexAhornyNewCouple

We are living in the same neighborhood, so count us in. How about we set a date somewhere now and each of us invite a couple from our Swingers Couple‘s contacts?


no string sexburnslakesux

I am in. Contact me with more details… I would love to try something new here… and it looks like it it a great opportunity. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexcplwants3rd16

We would be interested in double penetration. Guys, anyone volunteer?  Drop us an email and we can chat and go from there.

But we are into that threesome get together too… We are not to far from you… and if it needed, we can entrain,. Continue Reading…


swingers sex datingddcoke2

I am looking for some on-going threesome fun too. Would like to meet others for some on going fun when our schedules work out.

Would like to meet for threesomes or moresomes. I am also part of a couple and we would  like to meet other couples for some fun as well.

I like oral, lots of foreplay, toys, light bondage and trying new things. Lets chat and see how things go. You should be willing to travel. Hhhmmmmmm did someone say fisting? Continue Reading…

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