Boyfriend, two guys and I had a MMMF foursome

My longtime boyfriend, two other guys and I had have MMMF foursomes more than once. I am not sure I can call penetrative sex with three men and myslef a foursome, but the title is not important, the important part is, we loved it a lot.

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we love nsa nsa-sex-lover-cpl

In fact we loved it so much, we wanted to “upgrade” our nsa scenario with more men. We wanted to have a  gang bang.

Our original plan was, we wanted to make it happen at Halloween weekend. Than we decided, we should try it before… so get to know the new partners.

It is a lot of work to arrange it, to find time that is good for everyone, but we managed it. List we thought we did… I wanted five guys, but I know some would not show, so set it up with 7. Than the night arrived,  which was last Saturday’s night. I cleaned up myslef real nice, shaved, enema, shower, etc.  I was very clean at the front and at the rear entry too.

And guess what? Not a single guys showed up, not eve bother to excuse themselves. At the end, my boyfriend had to fuck me alone all night in a $250 hotel suite, what all of us supposed to share.

Thing like this happened before, but list at that time guys called in advance. Is it just us, or anyone else had experience like this? Continue Reading


nsa sexjust-a-wife

I think the problem was the hotel bill sharing…

Men don’t like to pay for anything casual.. They just want  quick releases…

But I just guess, I never tried to set up a gang bang and never paid for hotel either. Hotel always paid my partner. Continue Reading

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I  have yet to arrange a gangbang for myslef. Its now pretty high on the my bucket list, the only problem is I find…

It hard enough to arrange a mfm threesome with one or two new men,  never mind a group of men. Continue Reading


swingers sexMaitresse84

I have had more no show than anything else. Sometimes they give an  excuse, sometimes they don’t.

People seem to thing its O.K to flake and ask for another chance, even if you give them another chance they flake again. So as a rule any messing around time wasting rearranging isn’t entertained anymore.

I’m a great believer if someone wants to do something they will be there, no excuses.
Some people are stupid what can I say! Continue Reading


swingers sexLisaLipgloss T

I know two women in a group. They arranged a gangbang, orgy combination for themslef and had 32 guys who said they’d be there.

They  expected some to drop out, that is why invited 32, but only one guy showed up. Continue Reading

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swingers sexVickie_Jo

I meet new people initially at club events, parties and meet & greets and that I seldom meet just one on one.

But occasionally because a lot of people don’t go to clubs events, I will host my own meet and greet weekends, where I will set up a series of short individual meets for get acquainted – chemistry check purposes. To break the ice and if there is mutual interest, plans can always be made from there for a later date.

I sent out over twenty invites to local people (singles and couples) whom I chat regulatory and know they are looking for playmate. Now about most had been writing every day
or at least every other day.

The invites went out about 2 weeks ahead of time. Out of all the invites several responded and confirmed they will come. And guess what…? No one showed up, not even one, not even one tried to give any excuse before the event… and it was going to be just a meet and great… not a group sex.

To make you no string attached casual sex life satisfying, not that simple anymore. I think because there are a lot of opportunity, a lot of people, think easier to find “replacement”.

Therefore you are definitely not alone. Continue Reading

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Are you old enough to participate in my gang bang party?

I really want to be gangbanged, and I can’t find willing men.

I want to get my wife gangbanged… is it normal from a husband, or is there  something wrong with me?

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