I love getting my nipples sucked on and nibbled while I am on top riding someone

Nothing better than get my nipples sucked on and and other man perform oral  sex on me at the same time, that is a wonderful sex play.

I  will do everything from my power to make this happen this up-coming Valentines Day, but it is not just up from me. My hubby have the final saying, I do not play with out him, plus we need to find a man, a qualified man to be a play mate.

threesome nsathrillofitall42

Unfortunately there are no willing men yet, but there is a good news… We are invited to a Valentines Day sex party, and Valentines Day everything and anything can happen. I might even get double penetrated and that is not happen often at all… We will see, but I can tell you I will post it here if it happens…

Anyway, not better than get my boobs sucked and my pussy eaten at the same time…

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