I love have sex with a man while another man is watching

Watching and recuperate, getting ready for his turn, and then repeat this for few times. Yong guys are better, because they take  less recuperation times, and they can repeat more times.

no string attached sex

I wanna play

However I am not here to talk about  middle age women who is into college kids… but it sounds good in my fantasy, but I never tried. Instead I am wondering about those who have it done… and if is  you, an if you are into sex with two men at the same time, why so?

So if you are a woman and you are into threesomes, what do like about MFM threesomes? Can someone explain me please? Continue Reading…

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The same thing that men like in an FMF threesome – i.e., being at the center of attention! Continue Reading…


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Lots of attention, and when one is tired the other isn’t,
and so they can keep up! Continue Reading…


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I like everything there is about a MFM. I like being the center of attention.

I love being fucked by two men at once, I love being fucked by one man as the other is watching and regaining his strength for another round.

I love sucking cock while my pussy being fucked by an other cock and the list could go on and on for ever. It is just plain fun for all. I am really hope it going to happen at valentines Day again… Continue Reading…


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Each woman is different and will have different perspectives of this. Some will not even entertain the idea of MFM, others will only play if it’s MFM.

If you want to know why one specific woman enjoys MFM you are going to have to ask her. What floats my boat can sink anthers! Continue Reading…

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I’m single again, and lucky enough to have two men in my life. Each of them knows and approves of my seeing the other. They understand that while I am spreading my wings and rediscovering my sexual side, each of them is very important to me. I am not the center of their world, nor they mine.

I want to see each of them enjoy life to the fullest, and they feel the same. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to care for more than one individual at a time, and I care very much for each of them.

I know this will be a totally unpopular response, but it is my opinion that not everyone needs to have just one person they care about. I am not the jealous sort, never have been, never will be, so the other women in my men’s lives do not evoke that green-headed monster.

However I never had a threesome. Not with them and not with anyone else. I think sex with two guys in the same time is a lot of fun… I think I am going to get both of them in my bedroom sooner than you can imagine..

I think it will be easy, because both of them asked me to spend more time with them… I will trick them into a threesome… Continue Reading…


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We do not like MFM, I would not mind, in fact it would be a lot of fun, but… My wife  bi and she and I have had many FMF threesome before. I guess I can say there have been 2 kinds of results.

Some of the girls became our friends and spent a lot of time with us afterwards, like going out 3 of us together, staying with us at our home with “non-sex” time and generally becoming close to us as a friend besides a sex participant.

Some of them even living together with us for a few months. My wife and I really enjoy this kind of relationship.

The other girls were one night stands, whether the sex was good or not so good, when we didn’t feel a connection with them as a friend, a second night of fun never happened.

It seems difficult to keep a sex partner for 3somes without making them feel close to us. Not the same as 1 on 1 sex partners.

We are never really sure why it is, because sometimes we would like to have a sex partner to call sometimes for sex. Continue Reading…

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