I love watching her while have sex with other guys

I love to have sex and love when others watch me during sex. This is one of the reason why I love threesome so much. Play with two guys very erotic, but one of them gets tired, he watch… and that makes me want more, more sex…  Continue Reading

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Is it a real turn on to be watched when having sex for others too? Or is it just me?

Guys, go you like the husband of a couple watch you fuck his wife? Ladies, do you like your husband to watch you while you are having penetrative sex with some other guy? Continue Reading


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Oh, yes very much like being watched… but not by my husband. He can play in an other room.  And I play with my young friends with benefits…
I do not have the opportunity lately but looking forward to it…. So hot! Continue Reading


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We have both done it, watch and being watched too.  I watched more than him. I enjoy more if someone watching me.

Have to admit that the first couple of times it was a little weird. Problem, I have seen several times guys too excited and nervous to get/stay hard.

A couple of drinks or one of the blue daddy helpers usually does the trick. This is one of those do it or don’t things, and I enjoy do it…. front of others. Continue Reading



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Have found and arranged dates for wife many times. We always meet at a neutral site and it is up to her to decide if we take it to the next step.

Usually happens about 50% of the time. I love watching her play with other guys then join in or making love to her afterwards.

We been doing it for around 10 years and still find it exciting and it gives us both a rush for a week afterwards.

Some we have met more than once, and some only once. We have done female – male – female threesome too, a couple of times, but it is much more difficult to arrange and the two men plays are much more erotic. Continue Reading

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I love being watched and doing the watching. If I  ever
get married again, my future husband  have to love the same thing… Love to watch and being watched… Continue Reading


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It used to love being watched during NSA. Not so much now, I’m more
into what I’m doing and what’s happening to me.

But my present partner is a little shy… Maybe if my partner want to watch me, or do me front of others… and if  I know he really wanted to do, that would be a turn on. Continue Reading


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Turns me on to no end to watch my partner with another woman and I know he is completely turned on by me with another man.

We have had some of the most amazing one on one sex afterwards. Continue Reading


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If it weren’t enjoyable we wouldn’t be doing it and we do it as often as possible. But as stated above not a big deal as it was at first. Plus when busy you don’t stop unless necessary.

Those who do not like to see it usually single men… They want to play in separate
rooms. That takes away our pleasure… because watch and being watched is big  ‘pleasure’. Continue Reading


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Love to watch or be watched. Seeing my partner have sex with another
woman is a big turn on to me, and I love to put on a show for him as well.

We usually end up joining in, and by the time we do…..we are so horny it’s unreal! Continue Reading