I met a guy through the site with whom I have a fuckbuddy thing going on

I want to know how people swap sex parters, spouse,  and sleep around, having NSA sex without having the emotional connection? I see all this sex talk and I enjoy it. I like it. I love being sexual but I can’t get over my hang up for an emotional connection too.

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I think it would be fun to enjoy other peoples’ bodies, sex with multiply partners, NSA sex, threesomes… but I also want companionship long term.

Is there a compromise? It feels like I have two different needs. I am wanting pleasure from NSA,  and I am wanting someone in my life to share it with.

It can feel like a very long waiting game for both to come along in the right person. I have tried eharmony and it was OK for personality match ups but I like having sex out in
the open in terms of discussion.

Most people in normal societal settings act shocked or uncomfortable talking about sex so it’s hard to get open communication going unless there is a deeper connection making it acceptable for the person to talk about it.

How do you deal with those urges? Does anyone else feel like they need an emotional connection to enjoy sex? Is it societal conditioning and if it is, how does someone get around that? Continue Reading…


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I’m sure there are those out there who can have sex with no emotional attachment. My fuckbuddy  and I talked about everything we wanted out of our relationship right at the beginning.

I knew my home situation was in flux, his was never going to change. I’m OK with that. We started out as merely fuckbuddies, now we are friend with benefits. Yes, we’re friends too.

I’ve got more of an emotional tie to him than he does to me, but as a female, that’s about normal. We both needed the strings to be able to enjoy ourselves…

What are strings but strands of trust. Without trust, we can’t have intimacy. I personally can’t just screw anyone without feeling at least sometime for them.

The men I’ve met and been with, I’ve gotten to know true email and phone conversations
long before meeting face to face. If I don’t find chemistry, I’m definitely not  sleeping with him!!!

You do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Don’t worry about what others think, it’s what You think about yourself at the end of the day that’s most important!!!! Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

I am like you in that sex has to have an emotional connection to it. I am not the sort of person that can meet a stranger in a bar and five minutes later let him stick his dick inside me.

I met a guy through the site with whom I have a fuckbuddy thing going on. To me this is a perfect compromise to the conventional boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

We are friends in the real sense of the word, it provides me with the emotional connection I need yet we are not attached to each other. Continue Reading…

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couple for couplesohmymy69

Sex and love are two entirely different things. Yes sex is better with the one you love but it’s still a physical pleasure, even though that would be love making.

We don’t just “screw” everyone we talk to, there needs to be an attraction but we already have a spouse so all we’re looking for is fun.

Neither of us can understand how anyone would deny the person they profess to love the ultimate in pleasure of any sort… except of course for insecurity, jealousy!!!

Below is a direct quote from our profile.

Our relationship is incredibly secure, we don’t waste our time or energy on useless emotions like jealousy, insecurity… We are VERY deeply in love, incredibly happy together and have an awesome sex life!!!

This aspect of our relationship has contributed to our already deep love, absolute respect
and total trust for each other.

However the “swingers lifestyle” in no way defines us as a couple, we don’t need it for emotional, sexual happiness nor is it more than a pleasurable form of play to us. Continue Reading…


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In the aspect of swinging or NSA sex… I know friends who are friends with benefits who do sex pattern  swap, as a couple also.

The connection really is with the person who is your partner and watching, seeing them
with another knowing at the end of the play your leaving with them.

Watching your partner, spouse, have sex with someone else also gives you an incite of things they really like that you may not be doing.

At one point in a lot of married couples sex life, sex does not bring excitement any longer, sex became routine, but they need the excitement into their sex life, so they spice it up with someone outsider…

The it will be sex with the couple’s fuckbuddies, or just sex with an other couple.

But I would think if you have a fuckbuddy that there is some kind of emotional attachment. Some people call this emotional thing as chemistry… Continue Reading…

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