I used to love the two guys thing. The two women one guy thing is fun when I’m the center of attention, but sex with two guys better

My boyfriend and I have been dating off and on for two years. We have been having sex  for about a year now. The problem is I want to spice up our sex life with a threesome… but I don’t have any idea how to tell him.

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I suggested our sex life is getting flat and I need more, and I told him a love him very much.

He says he’s willing to try anything but he won’t give ideas. We’ve done it in different  positions, used sex toys but I can’t think of anything fun to try.

However I do not want to make him  jealous, and I heard men get jealous of the extra wheel in a threesome… Do they?

Also I browsed this advice line for related topics and I red it, somebody he was invited to join a couple who were older than he.

He joined them and during the virtual penetration the couple had a fight in front of him. He realized, the husband started to get jealous…

Do you think you could handle being in a threesome and not get a niggle of the green eyes
as in jealousy traits if you saw your partner having a great time with the third wheel??

Please help, give me some suggestions. Continue Reading…


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You do not need to start with a threesome. Go step by step… Use your imagination first. Is your boyfriend truly willing to do… you… what ever it takes and make you happy?

Maybe you need the confidence to express yourselves freely and experiment with your sexuality without feeling embarrassed. So forget about threesome for the time being, and instead see if you can find more ways to talk about and explore each other’s thoughts and fantasies.

You can get the discussion going in a number of ways. For example, you can choose and watch some adult sexuality education videos together or rent some erotic movies.

Talk about what you see in the movies, and how you feel. What turns each of you on and off? What is appealing to you in fantasy, but might be unappealing to you in real life? Or, how about some books to spur your imaginations?

This is the best way to start to talk about threesomes… First lets get his fantasy go, and if you do it right, he might will suggest you  a threesome… Continue Reading…


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I used to love the two guy thing…  The two women one guy thing is fun when I’m the center of attention, but sex with two guys better

But yeah, I want more of a one on one… soul mate, team member type of thing, so I understand you and I say just go for it… Continue Reading…


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If you can talk him into, go for. It will be an incredible sexual experience. As long as everyones pleased then there should not be any jealousy… Continue Reading…


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I think I’d be insanely jealous, which is why I wouldn’t do two women threesome in the first place!

Now MFM  threesome is a different story. Continue Reading…


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The point is for the couple in a threesome is to have fun. The third wheel is a “tool” to help to have fun…

However if the couple isn’t ready for it, they shouldn’t be going into it at all. It’s not comfortable being that person who gets stuck in those types of uncomfortable
situations. Continue Reading…


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Over the years I have seen MANY forms of jealousy… both men and women. Sometimes, woman getting jealous of the other woman, and the men  feel, he left out.

We swap with couples so no one is left out. If one needs, wants to take a break then it becomes temporary 3some. No one is left out. My wife is going to go home with me, so why be jealous?

As for seeing my spouse enjoying herself? Why do you think we do this? Let me tell you, the green eyed monster does not belong in these scenarios… Continue Reading…


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Tango and I have been in MFM and MFMF situations…. and he knows that no matter how much I liked what the other guy was doing to me, I’m his first and foremost.

The variety, a different touch, is nice sometimes, but he knows all the things that I like, the things that get me crazy. It’s HIS penis that I adore most. He’s pretty secure in that knowledge.

When I see him with another woman, I know that although he may be enjoying her at the moment, it’s me he’s with overall.

I thought I’d be jealous, he’d be jealous, but it hasn’t been an issue with us.

We have, on the other hand, been with a couple who fought and we agreed no more play with them. Too much drama!!! Continue Reading…