I want to be a cuckold

Whats up with Cuckold at this days? What does it exactly mean today? Does this mean am  I deep down Bi? Just don’t tell me please Google it, because I alredy did it as “define Cuckold“. Google came up with 12 700 versions, I checked out about 100…

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And I did not find any of them “satisfying”.

I’m was pretty sure, the word “Cuckold” that describes much of my sexual desires and activity, but I am not sure anymore… I love to watch my wife while she have sex with others… I might masturbate while she is getting penetrated, but I am not bi at all and I am not getting panish by her, in fact I enjoy it.

Do you think that represents perhaps an unconscious bisexual lust? Hope not! Last thing I want to get turned on by men… Continue Reading…


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At the middle age,  a cuckold man… Well technically, a cuckold wasn’t the father of his children. He wasn’t able to satisfy his wife and she punished him to have sex with other men. He had to watch her and had to clean her up… before and after sex too.

Today in our nsa sex, it’s basically cuckold is a man who like to watch his wife while she get laid by another man…  Jack off or not while watching, that is just a details, based on his preferences. Continue Reading…

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Nope, I don’t think you have to be bi, or will be bi. You just like to see his wife fucked by another man…

You are not alone, a lot of men like you. Continue Reading…


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Does this mean I am Bi?

No. It means your wife wears the pants in your marriage, you know she messes with other guys, and you just let it go on because either it’s your kink, or you’re afraid of your wife leaving you for someone better than you. Continue Reading…


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Hay partyanimals, you are partially wrong with your answer… He knows his wife plays with others… in fact he enjoys it, so might be it is his kink, but he is definitively not afraid of anything… Continue Reading…



I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy


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We participated with more than few sex party and played with others, but never had penetrative sex with anyone else, just watched…

I have told my wife that she is free to enjoy sex with anyone she desires as long as I am with her, because I really want to watch her. Give me a big hard on just thinking about it… I guess you can call me a wanna be cuckold.

She laughs it off but I’ve noticed her looking at guys of late. A guy walked into a parked car while watching her ass. She thought I set up…

I’m being patient and not forcing the issue. Am I approaching it the right way? Continue Reading…

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My husband loves to watch me with other men too…  Once upon a time,  he began priming the pump with printed stories from on line on my bed stand for me to read and of course we use to watch porn in our bedroom.

He also found members  XXX videos on the website, and said; “Come here baby, look at her!!! You can do that so much better than her, and you look way better than her too.”

We started as a couple on here only doing mfm threesomes. That was in June 2011, as of now  we share everything, we play together only. Both of us read all emails however I am a chatter box.

We are, I am very selective and he trusts me. Sometimes we have driven away from “meets” and no play happen… He asks; “What was wrong with that one?”

We have been married for many years and are doing this for fun.  Our best partner our best friend and he was the first one who with played with.

What can I suggest to you? I think it would be easier to get her into a mood, if you try to find someone who you both alredy know well. A guy who is nice and clean, preferable married, because single guys can get attached very easily… Or play with a couple, maybe one day with a right couple, she not just want to watch. Maybe she will want more at once. Patience  is the keyword… Continue Reading…