Is it weird to want to be watched?

My longterm boyfriend want to watch me, while I have sex with another man… We fantasize about it a lot and the idea sound very “appealing” for me too now. I think I want to be watched…

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We participated in some wild parties before but never had penetrative sex with others at the front of each other.

It kind of makes me wonder… Is it normal to want to watch as your spouse or wife, maybe girlfriend has sex with another man? Is it weird to want to be watched? Continue Reading


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Not normal, and not overly common. But not exceptionally abnormal….

I would love to watch to my wife, while she have sex with a well hung man, but we are out of luck to find someone compatible… Continue Reading


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As above stated normal is a relative word… That is normal for me, might be different for any other individual…

I think if you are lucky enough to find a guy who can make you horny and he will be willing to perform at the  front of your boyfriend, well… than go for it.  You might not have that chance ever in your life again… Continue Reading

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Thankfully I am one of those lucky woman… our marriage is very good and my husband is so secure in my love toward him, and how I feel about him and our relationship, that I have even told him that I fantasized about have sex with his brother.

He said, that would be okay and asked me: Do you want me to ask him to come over?  Obviously he and I know that, casual sex mix with family members is a big no – no, I’d never actually want to do his brother, but just the erotic thought is enough to turn me on… Continue Reading


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You wrote it, “My longterm boyfriend want to watch me, while I have sex with another man…” Than asked it, is it normal?

I don’t think the word normal or not normal is the right one to use… Lets say it, in a traditional married, husband and wife want to do a lot of things but just because they want something it does not mean they will do it.

Lets say it this way, to watch your partner, wife while she have sex with another man, it is not a common marital sexual activity, but millions of couples doing it… Continue Reading



If you and your boyfriend into that particular erotic scenario, than why you worry, it is normal or not? Continue Reading



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Are you sure, that is something that your boyfriend want?  I just asking it… because women’s sexual capacity is far greater than men’s, special if the woman (you in this case) is a little exhibitionist…  And you alredy stated you want to be watched… So there is maybe some Voyeurism is in there too… Continue Reading


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Exhibitionist or Voyeurism, whatever…

Watching your wife or husband  have sex with others not that uncommon thing, that you think…

We live in a no string attached sex mixed with porn world. Guys and galls from their high school age watch pornography, and learned love making technique from it.

They  use it as a part of their sex life repertoire in their single age. If they are used this to spice up their sexual activity, then they may incorporate more kinky things, later on into their marital sex life.

Watching your wife or husband  have sex with others, that is one thing, a threesome would be another kinky thing… Continue Reading

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