I would like to swap and share my 27 years old girlfriend with a sexually compatible couple

Can you swap and share your long time partner with an other couple, for no string attached sex…? Actually I should ask as, can I swap her?  Can I have a steady on going partners swap and be social friends with that couple? So not just sex, friendship too…

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My girlfriend of 27 yrs and we are looking for a couple swap and sex with multiply partners.I mean have a threesome with the other guy and or the lady from the other couple.

We have the idea that we’d like to meet a couple that we would enjoy their company on a social basis, dinners at each other’s home, dinner out, day down the shore or at the casino together, bowling, bicycling, playing cards or board games, whatever the common interests are.

As while as a couple… for privet fun, swap partners,  play sex games, and spice sex up.

To me, there’s more than sex in a relationship. Before, during, and after
sex, or penetration I want to enjoy the woman I’m with.  I want to enjoy talking to her, I want to entrain her to make sure she have good time too.

Is this unrealistic to find a couple here on Swingers Couple? A couple that we can have a on going  sexual relationship, meet within  every few weeks and enjoy their company in and outside the bedroom?

Or should I be figuring to find someone to enjoy their company in one of each other’s homes and enjoy the sex but no more? Something like a one time deal? Continue Reading…


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In you profile your wife is 60 years old. Here your girlfriend is 27 years old? Which one would you like to swap? Both in the same time?

That would be a lot of fun… Do they both know about your plan? What they say about it. If they are ok with it, just put it into your profile, I want to share my wife and my girlfriend with a couple. I am sure your profile’s in-box will be packed with respondents’ messages in a short time. Continue Reading…



How can you get into the swingers lifestyle
Tips for couples and singles what to do if you really want to build no commitment sex relationship.
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I’ve heard of many other couples (husband wife with out girlfriend)  who are looking for the same type of relationship that you are.

I’m sure that isn’t unusual at all. Continue Reading…


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It’s possible but  can be a little frustrating to find a couple to an ongoing sex relationship and build a friendship with them at the same time.

Just because 2 couples are sexually compatible doesn’t mean they’re socially compatible, and vice versa. If you do find a couple that’s both, you’re lucky! Continue Reading…


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Just be very careful who you invite into the mix. Both people in the other couple need to equally be into both you and your significant other.

4 people, and more dynamics… It can be cause problem in an ongoing sex relationship. I think the one or two time deals are way better… Continue Reading…


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We had success in what you’re describing for over a year with a couple.

However, the dynamics can change and some combination of the four may want to go solo. There is a lot of potential risk involved!!!! Continue Reading…

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I personally know many couples that are friend in the swinger world and secular world. Like someone else mentioned though, they aren’t exclusive, they just play together from time to time.

These couples have been friends and in the “lifestyle” for years though! So they know what to expect, there’s no BS, no jealousy- none of the stuff I see with others.

Just make sure you set rules before you play and it’s what you both want. And I strongly suggest you to  set up an escape plan… and keep those rules. Things can go sour very fast, and if you do not have rules, it might rule your relationship. Continue Reading…


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I think in a perfect world it would be easy… but this isn’t a perfect world.

Unfortunately, “sex relationships” with social friendship can become complicated. There are 4 different people with four different thoughts, feelings, etc.

People do not have sex with friends, and this should be stay like this. Continue Reading…


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I cannot say from experience as far as couple to couple goes. But similar relationships are what I have sought in MFM threesome settings and had no trouble finding it. Several relationships lasted for years. Continue Reading…