Man first threesome experience with a couple

I was single at that time, in fact I am still single, but it might change soon. I have met with a beautiful girl, she loves sex… as much I love. She was introduced to me by Kelly. Kelly is  the lady who replied for the next ad, which I posted on this website. Continue reading…

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My profile’s title was:

“Middle 20’s str8 single guy looking for the first threesome experience with a couple.”

In my profile, I gave some details about myself and attached two photos to my profile. Both photos was G rated.



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I am an average guy and I saw those other profiles from men, who hangs like a hours… Well I wasn’t sure my threesome fantasy will ever get reality…

It was easier what I was ever imagined it would be…  I contacted a lot of couples around my area and got back few responds. Lets say for 10 to 1, so then messages produced 1 answer.

Not that great, but one of the answer got my attention. It was nice and short, and they wrote it, they want to know more about me…

After few email and pictures exchange we made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant. I was to meet them at the upstairs bar, where the band was playing. They were to come upstairs after finishing dinner with some friends.

Kelly came up first, and I recognized her from the clothes that she was wearing (we had described what we would have on, so that we might recognize one another). I was immediately taken by how attractive she was (is).

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That night I was drawn like a magnet to her magnificent, partially-exposed breasts. I was immediately turned-on by this sexy lady! Continue reading…

We sat and talked for about 15 to 20 minutes before (her husband) came up and joined us in the lounge.

Then we had some drinks and maybe another two – three hours or so of talking
(and my mental drooling over her shapely body), we decided to go to a motel.

I remember as we were walking out of the restaurant that I could not believe
that I was going to be fucking this beautiful woman before the night was
through. I felt lucky!

My balls were already beginning to ache. We drove to a local motel, and Kelly in their car, and I followed in mine. They booked into a room there. Then Aron came back out to my car and told me the room number. He said to just go in while he went to buy some wine coolers.  Continue Reading….

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