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My wife surely knows why casual sex is good for me and for other men too… and she knows, how to make it even better with a black bi guy. Sex with a black bi guy, good for both of us, or if he is not bi just knowing and watching her to fuck a black guy is just as exciting… Continue Reading…

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In our local area, bi black guys are rare, but we have found a couple for occasional hook ups..

On the other side, women always gets what they want, my wife is not an acceptation… She has mastered flirting at clubs and bring those black fellows home… Some of them fucked her in the car back seat why I drive…

However, it is fact, more straight black guys have fucked my wife than bi guys.

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She is very sexy blondy who is a literal nymph and does really need to have sex a least once a day, but she will get in the bed with white guys too if black guys are not available..

She love to get licked and fucked, and she is a blow job master… I told her, she should open her own business and teach women, how to give a good blow job. She would make a living… Continue Reading…

She has a black girlfriend and her husband is bi. She gets him as often as she can… which is not to often, because he is always on the road. However when he is home, than I can have my share of fun too… Continue Reading…

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He told me, my wife have the best pussy on the world… He said, her pussy is so smart, if it got a tongue it can speak… Well I alredy know that, so it wasn’t new to me… Continue Reading…


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