Is oral sex, sex?

I think answer is the name. Oral sex, made from the worlds, oral and sex…

To make a woman happy with a powerful orgasm can cause many man with the need to kiss and lick her genital. These guys are happy to perform oral sex on their partner at any time, because it please her, and they want to please her.

Some other guys rather lick their dog, then their wife’s pussy… I guess they are not into oral sex. If you are one of those men, than you will not find anything interesting in this page… Sorry my friend. However if you like to go down on your lady, then you might find something useful here.

Giving a blow job, or going down on a woman – perform oral sex -, used to be tabu in the past, but not anymore. Actually hard to understand what oral sex is mean this days. Teen girls perform it on their boyfriend with out any hesitation. They think that, oral sex is not sex. Well they wrong, oral sex is that much sex as intercourse, or “finger fuck”, or toy play, because you can cause orgasm. Any activity, that have orgasm at the end, is sexual activity.

What ever you giving a blow job, or eating her out, you need to know what you do and you have to enjoy what you do. If you do not enjoy it, do not even bother to do it. It wont make any good with anybody.

There is things that you like and there is things that she loves and she hates. If you want to give her a mind blowing orgasm you should do what she loves…

I just updated our website [on] oral sex related web page. Find out there, how to perform oral sex on women.