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What is your preferences if play get down to sex? What do you prefer, meaningful love making or meaningless casual nsa sex? Defined in this context as about you and only you. Not about your relationships, but the act of sex itself, in your relationship.

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No emotional attachment and no connection. It’s just an act like any other and is controlled by bundles of physical drives and chemical processes, right?

Women seem to have a certain reputation when it comes to sex: Emotional, seeking intimate, spiritual connections. That describes me to a not now, but I haven’t always felt this way. If you had asked me this question only a couple of years ago, I would have answered that I prefer meaningless sex. No attachment, just kinky hard core fucking for sex sake. Hot for the moment.

Sometimes I like hard core sex… but not in the form of meaningless sex. I’m not satisfied with meaningless sex anymore. My current lover – sex parter is also a close friend and has been so for close to a year. I guess he is a friend with a lot of erotic benefits.

Despite we are not being in a committed relationship, we share intimacy, friendship, secrets, feelings and feel safe with each other. Our sexual connections are meaningful because of these things.

So, once again, what do you prefer? Do you prefer meaningful or meaningless sex? Continue Reading…


NSA sexnewexpriences4u2

Great Question. It depends on the situation, on the circumstance.

Sometimes I just want to be fucked and forget the wine and dine, that would be nsa sex.

Sometimes I want to be wined and dined, entertained and converse! However at the end of the night and want to get fucked… Is it meaningful or meaningless, I don’t really car… as far as my partner take me to the “orgasmic” heaven…! Continue Reading…


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I don’t think meaningless sex is exist… People having sex, for a reason… and if there is a reason, then thee is a meaning.

What ever that reason is…. for example one night stand. The reason for one night stand is for both sex partner, to reach orgasm. So it is not meaningless anymore…

Or prostitutes; They servicing men and or women sexual needs for money. It sound pretty meaningless. But is it really meaningless sex? No, I don’t think so… They mean to be making money with sex… It is professional… something like a job, so the meaning is to make living with sex…

So if you really think about it… there is no meaningless sex at all. Maybe sex that you not enjoy… Continue Reading…


casaul sex adssipthewine

I’ve had both and while I prefer meaningful, as the connection between two who care about each other makes it, well, mean more.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for a good old fashioned recreational sex, make a mess, maybe learn last names, dirty, nasty, kinky session of mixing body fluids simply for the sake of getting off.

When I was younger, I used to go to parties in a short skirt minus panties & bra just for get fucked easily and hard… . I’m a bit more discrete now. The skirt’s a bit longer.

Anyway, at this moment it depends on the situation… And it really does. With your spouse you want meaningful sex, with your sex partner, you want to have kinky fuckery… to multiply orgasm. Continue Reading…

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If I go to parting I can have meaningless sex with just about anyone, but is it really meaningless? No… the mean for that kind of sex is… to experience sex with different kind of sex partners, with different kind of mean… and of course for the shake of orgasm. It used to be like this in my 20’s.

Ive learned a lot since then…. At home sex is more quality time and sensual time in bed. More meaningful when you can have that special mental connection with your partners. But is it really meaningful sex? I have to say no…. I do not have sex at home, I make love at home.

To have sex, we go to the sex club, or pick up someone here… Continue Reading…


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What is meaningless sex? Is it masturbation or daydreaming? If you are having sex with anyone it must mean something??!!

There is passionate sex, casual sex, romantic sex, loving sex, convenient sex, opportunistic sex, spontaneous sex, cyber sex, recreational sex, erotic sex, kinky sex, to name a few…

The least ‘meaningful’ would be convenient as it’s ‘just there’ but it still means something to someone? Continue Reading…


adult dating AtomicTwatCpl

We both like meaningful sex. Considering the fact that we are married, I guess that’s a good thing!

But seriously, even before we were married, we both had a strong preference for meaningful sex.

Specific to me (Chuck), the only time in my life when I opted for meaningless sex was during a 3 year span when my career goals, ambitions, and work schedule would not allow me to be in a healthy and loving relationship.

Although it took me 3 years to “figure life out,” I eventually rearranged the priorities in my life. Having seen the light, I wouldn’t change a thing. Continue Reading…

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Sex is like pizza…

It is all good… but with someone you have a connection with sex will be great or even awesome…

And this is the only way for me to have sex with anyone anymore. Anything else is a waste of my time and energy. So is it meaningless sex or meaningful sex… I think you name it what ever you want too… Continue Reading…


adullt dating_King_Cobb_

And I’d never actually admit it but I’m still not having any meaningful sex, because I am having sex and I do not make love… However I would say, it depends on, who I have sex with me…

And yet I feel certain it’s on the horizon. I mean love making… Continue Reading…

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While the guy with 10″ long hard cock is an awesome human dildo…
and he’s even polite & mannered & nice & honest! Well… he also does not kiss… he’s not on top of my wish list because of that.

Even if fucking for sport is meaningless sex… I want a certain kinda of physical contact with that 10 inches human dildo…. and kissing is high up there. It it sex with kissing. Is this mean something for you? Then may answer is meaningful sex…

Otherwise I really don’t care meaningful or meaningless sex… If it is with a 10 inches guy… than that would be a great sex. Continue Reading…

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