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What a tricky dangerous erotic business it can become. Ask yourself first, what are your goals. Where do you want this to go, how far? Casual sex with your hubby and an extra man…  How often and with what restraint, etc. Continue Reading

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Once it starts can you control it? You two need a conversation. Can you live with the decision?

What if the third party can’t be shaken off so easily? What if they are lonely, or richer, or better looking, or a better lover, or has HIV, or loves your wife?

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It’s a very dangerous and kinky sex play. Beware what you wish for. There are many people who are successful, there are many who are not.

I believe there are those describe themselves as in the lifestyle, and there are those who spice things up once in a while.

I think its a safe bet to say you are in the lifestyle when you having third party meets on any kind of regular basis, but what frequency makes it hard to tell, e.g. every week vs. once every six months or year or two years even.

Be careful. Yes, it is a very exciting adventure to ponder together. You definitely need to talk more, ask what brought this up too.

If your uncomfortable asking these questions, then you really got to talk more about everything. If you are not super close before this, you won’t be afterwards either.

By the way, I followed my own advice before, and I’m glad. Good Luck! One last word. The wolf is always at the  door.

What are your suggestion? Continue Reading


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According to your photos on your profile, you had had several mfm threesomes, you do not really need any advices… suggestion, however I agree with you…

MFM threesomes are tricky thing, so the playmates have to keep their head cool… Continue Reading



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So we are a married couple who are looking to experience threesomes with a lady friend of my mans choice!

Just curious what kind of situations have turned out to be your best threesome experiences and how you knocked the edge off?

My hubby is a tab bit shy at first I on the other hand am very open and not shy at all. Advice? Continue Reading


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Well, at first your hubby have to find the gal… If he is shy, he never going to find a girl to play with him and you…

Women finds female playmate easier and if you or him find someone, then use your good old communication skills.t hat is talking and ask questions, ,and discuss boundaries…  For example no sex with my husband without meContinue Reading

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I think it’s best to got to a sex club or a swingers club, maybe find a sex party in your local group area.

When you are there and see an attractive women, start a conversation with her. Maybe offer to get her a drink and hang out with her. It’s usually works better if the woman starts
the conversation, that way the other woman knows that the wife is cool with everything.

Single women are also more likely to have their guard down with other women than they
are with men.

After you’re comfortable, ask her what kind of things she’s into. It will probably take a good part of the night to make the threesome happen, but finding a woman to sleep with you (as a couple) isn’t usually the kind of thing that just happens without effort. Continue Reading


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My wife and I had quite a few mfm and ffm threesome and we find that when you totally connect personality wise then it makes it so much easier and then quit beating around the bush and just do it after you have talked about boundary and stuff…. Continue Reading

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I have met with 3 couples so far and they all worked out great. A first meet to just talk and get to know each other and lay out what’s allowed and not is a must for me.

If that goes well, then when we do get to meet again for the “good stuff” I find that if the man is a little hesitant or shy, then the girls start….

Sometimes we have a drink first just to break the ice and get into the atmosphere of
the three of us together…

Once we two girls start, things just naturally go from there. If you like the other person
joining you, it should be easy breezy. Once things start, you just do what everyone feels comfortable doing.

Good luck… Continue Reading