I love to see my wife pleasured by other men

I red the previous threesome related post, plus ran into on another blog’s mfm three way  related post too… I guess this is a very good indicator to show, the summer is over, people getting into the fall routine, which is in our case, sex parties. Oh yes…! Continue Reading…



Before I say anything more, I have to make it crystal clean,  I am completely straight male but love to see my wife pleasured. Love seeing her suck and fuck other men, while I am at the other end…

She gets so turned on and cums so hard with two of us. What do you think? Did you ever try to participate in a mfm threesome? Did you like it and if you did why? Continue Reading…



I love to watch my wife giving head and watching her big tits sway while the other guy is fucking her doggy style!!!! Continue Reading…


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I enjoy going down on a woman then look up at her and see her giving head to the other male.

And if she lets him cum in her mouth I enjoy kissing her then I ask her where she wants my load. I always ask her first and really enjoy cleaning my mess up. Continue Reading…


casual sexTlane2015

We love two men threeways too. Nothing bi, just straight pleasure for the wife who appreciates a little spice, more action in her life.

Lots of different circumstances why some couples seek out singles/other couples. The majority just get horny about seeing their wife’s reaction by getting flirted with and fucked
by someone else. I know it’s almost like an erotic  comedy but a really enjoyable comedy…


Engage in unconventional sexual practices such as threesomes, fuck two women. Sex with two woman in the same time in the form of FMF threesome

MFM, (male – female – male) threesome advices, tips from our users. Continue Reading…

More info on threesome sex scenario. Continue Reading…

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

How to set up a swingers sex party

Imagine, four hot horny and sexy bodies wrapped together in a big foursome horizontal  mambo jambo.


swingers sexSeika111

I have been ine MMF threesome and at the middle of MFM threesome too  and both are fun and the sight is pleasuring to each other.

Someone told me real men only want FMF… I will tell you something that I know
of, some real men share their wife, spouse because both of them want to taste the restricted apple and they share cause they are secure of whom they are and in every aspect of life. Continue Reading…


swingers sexRandCH

Sex parties and threesomes are fun… The atmosphere is so sexually charged and everyone is so into the moment…

It makes you feel alive and enjoying it with others. Continue Reading…

threesome sexfriskyafter50

I enjoy everything about it, turns me on when he is licking
her while I rim her or we take turns going down on her while
the other one sucks on her tits or kisses her.

First thing is to ask her what her likes and dislikes are.

I was once involved with a couple, she enjoyed DP he would do her in the butt while
I did her in her pussy. Loved when he would cum it would run down my cock. Continue Reading…


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Getting good vaginal penetration or oral job with a hot woman, knowing it’s something she has chosen and wants and is really getting a lot out of. Continue Reading…


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I love it when my woman gets that look of lust in her eyes, she lets go of all her inhibitions, and totally lets the “slut” inside her out!

The rest of the story is up the the two guys… Hopefully they can, able too (we can) fuck her all weekend long… That is what we call mfm threesome. Continue Reading…

mfm threesome

NSA sexteamplayer

MFM is just not our thing, although we have experienced
FMF threesomes, and loved it.

The idea is for each of us in any kind of sex play to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure for each of the others. Continue Reading…