Man Losing Interest In Sex

I was visiting my favorite websites, just to check out what’s new, and in one of them, something got my attention. Usually men complaining about their wife libido, sex drive. However in this case a man complain about his own sex drive. He knows, his wife is very attractive, he knows there are a lot of men in his neighborhood who are more then happy to bang his wife, but he just can’t do it. And his manhood works the way how is supposed to.

What is wrong with this guy? Please read the part of his question at next:

The problem? We do not have sex. My wife and I have not been intimate in a year or maybe even more, and before that, we had sex about few times a year. And it is me not her… I’m an average looking, healthy guy, but a little getting overweight, however I am not fat at all. I know there are men out there who would sleep with my wife with out any hesitation.

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