Man on man at an after hour party

My wife and I have talked the possibility of casual sex (threesomes) with friends for years. She expressed interest in sex with two men many times, which I would not mind to try, in  a form of MFM threesome, but we never made the next step.


Bi Couples Looking for NSA Sex

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I do not like  the idea of touching, contact with other man, and a lot of men who into 3sums are bi.  The idea of man on man do not appealing for me, I don’t have any sexual interest in men and I didn’t think it excites my wife either, that is why the male female male threesome sounded much better.

We have a really close gay friend with whom I feel perfectly comfortable, but wouldn’t at all consider doing anything erotic with him.

To make the story short… Last weekend we attended a Halloween party and after the party  I found myself involved in some male on male action and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Continue Reading…

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As I said it was a Halloween party and it wasn’t even an erotic Halloween party.  Most people attending there were strangers to us. My wife was stunning  in an all black lace and fishnet dominatrix outfit, we not into pain and pleasure, it was just a costume. She instantly caught a good looking, young man woman couple’s eye. Introductions were made and there was small talk and a lot of flirt… some drink and dance.

After the party they called us over to their home, as soon we get into the house they  started a porn  DVD. Some more drinks and wife and I started to  kissing. The sparks were flying instantly. I knew she wanted to get  fucked and I wanted her badly as well, but wasn’t 100% sure in our host..

Than our host lady made the decision for us, she set down next to me and asked from me; “Do you mind?” and unzipped my pants and started to play with my erected cock. I was kissing my wife madly… Our host lady’s hand was very smooth and soft as she was stroking my cock. Then another hand on my cock,  I knew it was her husband’s because he was a bit rougher with my hard dick, but I didn’t stop him. Instead, I tried to focus on his wife and took of her top. Continue Reading…

swingers sexA moment later, my male member was in his mouth. I continued foreplay with his wife  but her husband was doing his best to suck me off. I can’t say I didn’t like it. In the darkness, I couldn’t see who was doing what, but I did not penetrate anyone.. and I just had a mind blowing orgasm…

Than he bent my wife into doggy style and fucked her pretty good for a short while longer, than I would, but than he finished too.

The rest of the night we did everything that orally bi men do, even dough I am not bi, mfm, mmf, ffmm. I think the ffmm was the most fun. Than around morning our sexual energy disappeared, or we used all. We continued to socialize a little with out any sexual activity, than  exchanged numbers and said  goodbyes.

It was a good sexual experience, they are really good sex partners, and in  the heat of moment I enjoyed it. Not next day morning… I was grossed out about myslef.  I even sucked his dick for the request of my wife, but I don’t think I will do it again. There’s something it the back of my head that puts me off to the whole male – male interaction. I certainly don’t think it is wrong, but I know it is not for me. I have exactly zero sexual attraction to any man.

My problem is, my wife wants to repeat… How can I get out from this mess? Anyone have any idea? Continue Reading…



I am a 36 years old woman and my husband is bi. Bi men are my fetish…

We love threesomes, but we play only with bi or list bi curious (orally bi) men. All of our sex plays are fun for everyone, so I don’t think you should get out of that “mess”… Or if you will, than your wife might find someone else to play with. Continue Reading…


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Only met one bi guy in the past ten years out of a lot of guys who liked a strap on used on him.he acted like it was a lot of fun, it was deferentially fun for me.

The other guys said no way…. But you did not ask anything about anal penetration… I don’t think you should worry about getting or giving blow jobs. Things like that happens in the heat of the moment… Continue Reading…

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You wrote it, you are not bi. I would say not yet, but you are on the fast lane to become one… So if you think it is something not for you, than the solution is simple. DON’T DO IT! Continue Reading…


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Bi men turns me off! Because virtually he could like men while he is having sex with me.

My attraction to the opposite sex is based on masculinity and the natural animalistic sexual urges of mating and breeding a male has with a female.

What attracts me is strength, physically, characteristically, mentally, his masculine sexual interests, it makes me feel feminine and like a lady, that he is into women and everything sexual about the female body.

Straight men have nothing but sexual interests in women and can fully appreciate the whole thing… Continue Reading…


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My husband and I had  a mmf threesome with a bi friend just the past weekend. It was a lot of fun for all of us…

Our first mmf was different, because I was worried and watched my husband for most of it. I was concerned he’d be jealous. But he was enjoying himself the whole time.

We did a lot of talking before hand. There are things that might bother  you that you hadn’t thought about, if so, than don’t do it.

My husband is strait to the world but loves sucking a dick with me. So I don’t think you need to get out from that mess, but if you do not enjoy it, than don’t do it. Continue Reading…


I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…

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