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At the Lagims masturbation club, the classy room is the formal meeting place for members who like to arrive at the club fully dressed in fashionable clothing. Men can wear suits and look superb. Continue Reading….

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group mastrubationLagims

The ladies can wear light blouses, skirts, stockings and heels. Members can buy a drink or have a light meal amid comfortable décor.

Sexual preferences are quickly identified with men eying the ladies, men eyeing the men or cross dressers mingling together.

Kissing is the usual way of saying you admire a member. Soon they can be on the lounge and fondling. It is nice to know a couple having just met for the first time will probably be making each other cum on that occasion. Continue Reading….

Mastubating couples in club setting

Couples Masturbation in Club Setting

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It is quiet sexy to formally meet someone in the classy room then sit beside a woman or a man with a cock in their mouth. Continue Reading….

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Men enjoy touching women’s breasts and stocking legs. If they are aroused they kiss.

She may open her legs. He may run his hand up her leg and feel her wetness while she feels the bulge in his pants. Ladies can be seen cock sucking men on the leather lounges.

Some couples look intently and some couples ignore the seduction going on beside them. Everyone is happy and filled with the spirit of masturbation at Lagims.

The rules state you cannot undress in the classy room but this doesn’t
stop the sex. Members say it is nice to formally meet someone and allow them make you cum in a sophisticated setting while having a ‘break the ice’ drink.

Heavy masturbation is not accepted in the classy room. It is dignified for a lady to sit at a dining table with her legs open and have a man feel her breasts, legs and pussy. Continue Reading….

kinky coupleMen or ladies can wank a cock under the tables while dining. It is acceptable to hear moans and sighs coming from the next table.

Some members make a habit of arriving at the club dressed formally. They wait in the classy room for a member to appear with the same intention.

After drinks, a light meal and fully dressed sex, they move to the other rooms and join
the pervs viewing a show. While watching they gradually remove their formal wear until they may feel the urge to do their own show. Continue Reading….

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