Masturbation Tips For Men And Women & Couples

Masturbation is one of the greatest stress relievers plus masturbation can be 100% safe if you do it alone. However masturbating alone is not much fun, its okay, but much better if you do it in a team setting.

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Masturbation & Swinging

There are a lot of swingers everywhere and there are a lot of way to swing. Every swinger swings for different reasons and do it on many different ways. Some of them practice soft swinging, some others swap spouse or sex partners. Some others swing to turn each other on, or to get their regular partners in the mood.

Masturbation is a easy sexual activity to reach this target. We hear a lot about safe sex and AIDS in our pen sexed world these days. Some swingers masturbate because they are afraid of contracting HIV.

The question is, how should a man woman couple masturbate? There can be more couple present than one. More is merrier in masturbation too, in fact a woman can perform masturbation very easily on two men at the same time.

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Set the mood as you set it for having sex. If everyone loves porno movies then watch them. Use soft music and soft lighting. Scent candles help too, some people smokes weed, they said it helps them to get into the mood, I am not fun of weed. I prefer to get high from sex, not from weed. I think porn movies help more than weed, everyone should get the “do it” attitude from the movie.

Than the play needs to start somehow. The easiest way to start with the men, They should undress nice and slowly. They can be nude, half nude, what ever they wish.

The ladies should wear minimal and very sexy clothing. If someone is still not into a masturbating mood, dance slow, dance half naked. It will work. You should explore your secret erotic fantasies while masturbating. You can fantasize about erotic encounters with anyone. Make love in your fantasy with a person you cannot have. For some women fantasizing about a romantic story while masturbating works very well. Continue reading..

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Most men fantasize about women’s erotic body parts, or anal vaginal double penetration while masturbating. Also lots of swingers fantasies are sexual activities, such as group sex, S&M, bondage or even rape. Sex therapists say, this kind of fantasy is harmless if they never become compulsive and obsessive. These fantasies have nothing to do with the crime of rape and should not even be called rape. If the couples love dirty erotic talk, than this is the best time to do it. Continue reading..

The goal is orgasm

For ladies to reach the goal sometimes is more difficult than for men. The masturbating women should know her own body very well. She should know where the pleasure points are and she should touch them softly until getting excited. Touch your breast, inner thighs and belly with arousing touches. For some women the clitoris simulation is enough to reach the orgasm.

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However we are talking about couples masturbation and everyone should think about their partner too. Run your finger along the clitoris. Massage it lightly. Finger yourself,  if necessary use moisturizer or suck your finger. To see a masturbating women suck her finger is very erotic. Some women’s bodies are not shaped for their own finger penetration and some others arms are not long enough. If you can not finger yourself and need something inside you, use a vibrator. If you do not have one, you can use almost anything if it is properly cleaned.

Should not use small things that might lost inside. Certain types of fruits or vegetables might do an excellent job. Insert and withdraw it several times. Then leave it in and squeeze your vaginal muscles. Feel that thing in your vagina. With one of your hands rub and massage your clitoris. With the other, play with your nipples. The more sexual simulation the better. Use your deepest erotic feelings. Fantasize with the world’s best looking man. Repeat and try to breathe deeply. I guarantee you, sooner or later you will reach your goal. Continue reading..

The right masturbating position for women is very important. She should choose a position, that lets her male partner see as much as possible. Remember men fantasize about women’s erotic body parts and men are visuals. If a man sees a masturbating woman he will reach his goal in no time… More masturbation info for women…

Partners can help each other. You can kiss, touch, hold or even masturbate each other. Everything is allowed that feels good and everyone is comfortable with.

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How should men masturbate?

99% of the men masturbate. The other 1% masturbate too, but they lie about it. According to this there are not to many men who do not know how to masturbate. If you are one of them, and never masturbated before we can give you some basic ideas.

Watch a masturbating woman is very erotic for a man. Because of this the man should use minimal pressure on his penis and should stop periodically to delay the erection. You do not want to shoot all your bullet immediately. The best way to do this. Sit on a chair or on the sofa with slightly open legs. Rub a small amount of saliva or lubricant, for example K-Y jelly into your palm and fingertips. Take your penis into your hand, stroke slowly up and down the shaft. Vary the pressure. Turn your fantasy on and keep your eyes on that masturbating lady. If you think your penis is not hard enough stroke up and down faster.

If it doesn’t work, than form a ring with your thumb and index finger of both hands. Place both rings on your penis as close to the base as close as you can. Hold one ring on the base and move the other up to the head of your penis and stretch your penis with the movement. Repeat it several times in a speedy rhythm until you are hard. It works for most men.

When your penis is erected you should start to play with your balls with your other hand. Massage them gently. If you like rough sex, you should try to pull the balls away from the body. If you think you will cum, slow down. You don’t want to reach the no return point. If you delay your orgasm several times the joy will be bigger and better when you reach it.

If you tight the muscles in your butt you will orgasm sooner, if you relax those muscles, it will delay your orgasm.  Men who masturbate often learns  how to delay their orgasm easily.

The same technique works to delay orgasm in intercourse, therefore frequent masturbation can make a man better sex partner.

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