Masturbating Swingers Women

Women and men masturbates in the same way. Not exactly but the main “self sex” action is the same, because masturbate means to stimulate yourself in your genital area to have a or more orgasm. This can be done by hand, or with sex toys, or in some cases can be done by a helpfully person, who willing to help you to masturbate….

Some women can reach orgasm easily, for example during working out with out touching their own genital. They rubbing their pussy to some hard tings.

Many of the women enjoy stroking and touching themselves and they are experiencing pleasure, however this does not necessarily ends up in a orgasm, and they do not want to have a orgasm from masturbation. They just want to turn themselves on, they just want to make themselves horny.

The question is why do swingers women masturbate? Can’t they find experienced sex partner to make them cum? Do they need to touch themselves?

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