Men fantasize about their wife having sex with other man

When men fantasize about their wife having sex with other man, what turns them on? I asking it, because my husband fantasize about it, but he can’t tell me why… Before any misunderstanding, I have no problem to make his fantasy real, just can’t get it…

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Why he just want to watch… why not play too? Is it hot because it’s wrong?

Is it to reassure himself that his wife is wanted by other men?

Anyone ever figured this out? Continue Reading…


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I’ve been part of a few threesomes with the husband’s
participating, but first he watched his wife and I start.

After he watched us, he get well into the screwing (after lots
of foreplay), the husbands were included at the wife’s request.

I think husbands fantasize about it, because they pleased to watch their wife at the middle of a very privet sex show. It is like they make their own porn starring their wife.

Some couples like to tape it… as far as is fun, I don’t care. I am not camera shy, (as far as my face edited out). I can do the editing… that it is a great fun too. Continue Reading…

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There are, several reasons SOME men get aroused by fantasizing about their wife having sex with another man.

I’ve had this fantasy for as long as I can remember, first I wanted to watch my girlfriend with otters, than came the  wife’s fantasy…

Her figure is not that many men would not consider attractive. Wide shouldered, narrow-hipped, flat ass and small breasts…

Basically the fact that another man can get turned on enough by my wife, to the point of having an erection and wanting to have sex with her, and knowing I am watching it… is proves I did choose  the right woman to married…

That, for me, is the primary source of sexaul arousal. Continue Reading…


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We are not married, she is not my wife, but we live together more than 5 years and I like to watch her with other men. Sometimes even with more than one man, and sometimes I join in, sometimes I wont…

Either way, I derive immense sexual satisfaction from watching her sexually satisfied. Watching her orgasm is incredibly fulfilling for me. Her pleasure always precedes mine.  The thought of her enjoying herself on someone else’s penis, getting off on the difference in the sensations, from what she’s used to..

Well I’m a happy man as well. Continue Reading…

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For cuckoldlove;

Cuckolding and watching your wife being pleasured are two entirely different things!

A “cuck” is a submissive male, often forced to watch his wife being “taken” by another man. He is often ordered to prepare her/him for her pleasure (possibly sucking him hard) and clean up after her pleasure. (yes, lick up the cum in/on her and cleaning/sucking him)

My husband and I both love watching the other having fun but neither of us are submissive and I can’t be a “cuck”! Continue Reading…


cuckoldlove: We know what is cuckolding… Your definition is the old time cuckolding. In modern cuckoldry, the husband (or boyfriend) is fully aware of  what his lady is doing. He watching it… His lady’s activities is an important part of their sex life. Continue Reading…


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I love watching my wife being fucked by another man and I very much enjoy cleaning them both up with my tongue.

If the man can get her to cum more than once it sounds to me like
an angel singing. We often go home and talk about the escapade, I quite often have to taste her lips to see if they taste as sweet as the words coming out of her mouth. sometimes I can actually taste his cum on her lips.

It’s awesome…. Continue Reading…

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I fantasize all the time seen my wife get fucked by other man. How can I make this come true? Continue Reading…



My husband enjoys seeing me with two men

Do you like to be watched while having sex?

I like to watch my wife too… while she have sex with some other men

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