Men really get a high from giving women multiple orgasms. They get an even greater high if the woman squirts.

Some people, most of them women, can come more then once during masturbation or during sex. (Well masturbation is sex too, so lovemaking). Two to four orgasm are not uncommon and some lucky women can’t count them after a while…

Men can have multiple orgasm too, but it is harder for them. After ejaculation a men need recovery time, refractory period. He needs some time to get his penis hard – erected. This time vary from man to man and usually gets longer by the age.

multiple orgasm Make Her Achieve Orgasm Multiple Times

However experienced casual sex lovers men learned to separate orgasm from ejaculation. They can have multiple orgasm… Yes, it is possible – have an orgasm – with out ejaculation, you just have to learn how! If you already had orgasm with out ejaculation you can work on the next one.

Multiple orgasm can be easier for women. They need ans experienced sex partner  and of course they need to have a healthy sex drive. Experienced lovers know that, little old-fashioned chivalry goes a long way…. and they apply it to sex… which mean – ladies first.

The question is: If she can achieving orgasm multiple time is one enough? Continue reading...

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erotic adult datingIf a woman is extremely multiple, is just once enough? Women would you settle for just one and see him again?

Men is it a challenge to see if you can make her knees week, or are you content to just experience pleasure once each? Continue reading...


erotic video chatMost of the men I’ve encountered get great joy from bringing a woman to multiple orgasms.

And there are of course those who figure once they’re done, it’s over. If a man leaves you wanting more… though… might be a good idea to keep looking. Continue reading...


I am a man and if one is enough for her, fine but if she can multiple, I’ll give it all  I’ve got to make her have as many as she wanted. Continue reading...


One is never enough for me I like to make every woman that
I am with have multiple orgasms the more she cums the hotter I get and it builds up the pleasure and at the end I will have much better, bigger orgasm…. Continue reading...

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sex adsI would never settle for one orgasm if I like the guy.

The more is merrier, more the better, though. Unless it becomes a sport.

I don’t like to come just to make him feel like the ultimate lover… He need to be an ultimate lover, and I don’t want to make him one. He have to make himself alone… Continue reading...


sex ads If a woman is extremely multiple, is just one orgasm enough?

As in orgasms? Since I come many times, I have the advantage in that court.

Men is it a challenge to see if you can make her knees week, or are you content to just experience pleasure once each?

He does not stop till I am practically unconsciousness… If he needs refractory period, then he should use his tongue or sex  toy, until he is hard again.

As I said, he should not stop until I am unconsciousness. I like it that way, I like it when I am left very sore to even the next day… I sore everywhere from sex, that means I had a great sex.  If a man fail to make me sore, he wont have a second change… The first impression and the first action does count. Continue reading...


adult datingI am unconcerned about MY pleasure, it is all about my partner here.

I have unreal stamina, enough sense to pick up on when enough is enough and am driven by my partners’ enjoyment and enthusiasm to drive her to greater heights.

Over a few hours or so, I would use my fingers, my mouth, my cock and everything  that God gave me to repeatedly pleasure my lover again and again.

Using massage and sensual touch at every place I can find responsive to my touch. I’ll combine these techniques with everything else and keep going for her total enjoyment.

It really isn’t just about me, my time will come at the end, I have to show what I can offer her. Continue reading...

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Men really get a high from giving women multiple orgasms.

They get an even greater high if the woman squirts. I guess it all depends on the man.

Some men would be happy if they make a woman cum only once. If she doesn’t cum, then they would probably worry. On the other side, some women would be happy cum list once… Continue reading...


sex adsI can have many orgasms easily. Why stop after the first one?

If the man has so little interest in sex that he’s done after the first one, we wouldn’t be very compatible sex partners.

If he does not interested enough to wear me down, to satisfy me by keep going, I’m not interested in him. Continue reading...

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