Mom with Santa under the Christmas tree

The next paragraph originated on our partner’s on-line adult dating magazine. It made me think about Holiday Spirit, Sex, Sex Parties and Swingers Party.

A member posted it:

sweet chicWhen I was five years old I saw Santa fucking Momma under the Christmas tree. That kind of took the holiday spirit out of me especially after I told poppa what I saw.

Poppa beat the hell out of me and then he beat momma. Needless to say I never again left cookies and milk out for Santa , and I doubt that momma did either. Continue Reading…


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Yes, when Thanks Giving past by, Christmas is just 3 weeks a way… Are you thinking about no commitment casual sex? This the best time of the year, to stop thinking and do something about it. The summer is over and the holiday party season is already on begun.

Instead of spend your time drinking with your bodies, you should organize a erotic X-mass or a New Years Eve party. Recreational Sex would be good for New Years eve celebration… Isn’t it? I think it sound good; Celebrate New Years Eve with recreational sex

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You can make your party a really kinky party. This is one of the easiest way and the best opportunity to get into the lifestyle without the added pressure of sex.

NSA sex is nice if it happens and if you organize your party on the proper way it might happen…

Well I do not want to talk anybody into NSA sex. It is your holiday, your life and it would be your erotic party.

If you do not have any ideas, what happen at a New Years Eve swingers party, read our sister website related erotic story. Story of a “New Years Eve Swingers Party”. You can read it here.

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By the way the story based on a true erotic party party and it has some erotic swingers party photos attached to it too.

If you liked that story, then go ahead and organize your own sex party. However an erotic party is not for everyone and to organize a successfully erotic party is not that simple.

You can not just call a bunch of buddies of yours with their lady friend. If you start like that, you never going to make that party an erotic party.

I think it would be much better get invited to somebody’s erotic party at first. Than you can get some first hand experience… about how and what to do.

No that hard to find a local erotic party. If you are not registered member yet, you just need to register for membership to our partner’s Erotic Swingers Dating Dating Website. Remember the registration is free.

One of their free service for registered member is the erotic on-line dating magazine. The magazine has a local section, whit a local adult establishment list, like swingers club, escorts, etc. Also that local section contains the local erotic party list. You just have to check out and contact the organizers.

If you already registered log in and check out who organize an erotic party in your neighborhood.

It can’t be any simpler to celebrate this Holiday season with casual sex. At here you can find some Erotic Holiday Party hosting tips.

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What our members think about Holiday Season and Sex

open minded womenI’ve some friends that just drop out of sight this time of year. When they re-emerge they say they just needed a break from everything…

Others friends seem to get way more active. They feel the extra playtime burns off the stress.

Do the holidays stress you out? Do you find that with all the hubbub and hoopla that the Thanksgiving and Christmas season can carry with it, that you need more physical attention? Continue Reading…


I need sexNot much stresses me. I enjoy sex about the same year round
– enormously.

Need more – nah, I need it all the time… Continue Reading…



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I can see it both ways. Holidays are family time. Thus the disappearance. Also some just need an outlet or an escape.

But it can also depend on status. If they’re married time to play can be constricted. Now singles tend to get lonely and depressed during the holiday season and go on a sexual rampage to fill the void. Continue Reading…

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