More and more couples are turning to swapping sex partner today. Why so?

erotic adult ads I find large number of couples are swingers now. Is this because we  are bored from our relationship with the same person for too long or our society is changing.

We all are accepting swinging and open sexuality now. Is it because of money or education that gives equal rights to girls?


It all really ties together. I think sex overall has become a much more acceptable topic, which has allowed for all other things to progress.

Like just the idea of swinging, now that people are past thinking, the doing is starting become more frequent.

Boredom, or just becoming more comfortable with it, it’s awesome! Continue reading...


I think we are slowly beginning to accept sexual freedom more and more in the world. And as acceptance spreads so does our willingness to explore our sexuality.

And because of the above facts, we try different sex related activities,  including swinging. Continue reading...

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couple for couplesIn actuality there are more people turning to sex parter or spouse swapping now than ever before according to several reports…

It does however appear that there is an increase of people over 45 entering the lifestyle.

Maybe because we now have an empty nest and wish to explore all the things we were curious about but felt inhibited because of our children? Continue reading...


hot chicsNot sure if more people are, maybe we’re just more aware
of it because of sites like this one.

The swing clubs aren’t doing the business they were like in the 60s and 70s.

Is that because more people hook up through the internet? No one knows, because the vast majority of people who play are very discrete about it… We are and so is everyone we know. Continue reading...


erotic datingI think more are than before because it’s more acceptable and open and more sources available that are easier to make it happen than before.

Also with MANY couples having ‘problems’ in their committed relationship, some of them try this to fix/salvage their committed relationship with NSA no commitment sex.

Unfortunately for the majority that fall into that category is usually ends their primely, committed relationship… and it ends up their participation in the swinging lifestyle too. Continue reading...

swingers dating Swingers NSA Sex Dating Ads

adult dating Swinging and or sex partner swap takes your relationship to a way higher level of sex…

There is nothing is more erotic then see your loved one while their make out with somebody else, knowing you are seeing them… Continue reading...


What is about swinging? What is about swingers lifestyle?

The 60’s brought us  sexual freedom and all the decadence that came with it. It was a time of awakening, anti-establishment and the birth of a new generation.

In the 70’s this same generation brought us the swinging, or playing as the today’s youngsters call it. Back then swingers formed what was commonly referred to as Key Club, which generally consisted of a group of friends who would get together at someone’s house to have a party.

At some point during the evening they would all gather together and toss their keys (house, car, etc.) into a basket. Then the women, sometimes the men, would randomly pull a set of keys from the basket, for selecting her/his partner for the night.

It was also during this period that on premise sex clubs became popular. For a slight fee anyone could just walk in off the street and enter these free for all bars, where men and women could lavish in sex.

The 80’s brought us a revitalized, and heightened, awareness of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Because of the growing awareness of AIDS, establishments such as bath houses and on premise sex clubs were shut down. However, peoples appetite for sex with different partners did not go away, but it did begin to get a little smarter. Continue reading...

swingers sexSwingers Erotic dating Ads

AIDS essentially had an enormous effect on swinging in the 90’s, as well as in the new millennium. This modern day plague changed peoples views on safe sex practices. Because of the general public opinion regarding who was to blame for this disease, it also forced those in the lifestyle to become more discrete.

Most swingers were not about to become monogamous but some were going to be more selective about who and how they played with.  Using condoms was only the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading...

So why people are still taking   risk and swinging?

Well having orgasm is feel good, having a lot of orgasms even feel better, having orgasm with multiply sex partners feel like,  something that you can not  even describe. You have to try to understand. But this is not the main reasons why do people swing. The main reason is nicely explained by a  middle aged swinger man here.

A man tell you, what swinging and swingers lifestyle men for him,  if you visit the above link. He is experienced swinger, used to swing as part of a couple and or as a single guy… Continue reading...

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