More swingers club

There are increasingly more swingers couple and they are much more active swingers then used to be. Some people swinging on almost every weekend.  To serve those horny swingers couple sexual need there are increasingly more swingers club, where to couples, and at some clubs singles can attend, to meet with other open minded couples or singles.  Of course meet to find partners to have casual sex with.

Because of much more people choose this type of lifestyle, there are a lot of new swingers club open it’s door everywhere and some of the people not happy about this. For example I red in the news in Toronto a new swingers club opened it’s door, close to residential area and everyone is pissed off about it, including the city’s councilors…

Just stop here  for a moment.  The club have privet club license and they got it from these  elected city politicians. And of course they paid for for it. When the city got the money for the license it was okay….

Also the neighborhood is not happy about it either.   They said they don’t think it’s reflective of the kind of neighborhood that most young families want to live in and raise their kids in. Whooo! Kids are great excuses for anything. But swingers club do not let kids in. In fact it do not even has window on, so nobody can pick in.

I think those people who complain about it scare. I think they can’t perform at home, they can sexually satisfy their spouse or partner and they scare, he or she will end up in that club to fulfill his or her own sexual needs or erotic fantasy.  I agree with this, It might happen… But usually they do not let single men in, but single women free to go. So my friend if you can not make your wife happy and you are living around that club, you better watch out… and start to perform better.

It is fact there are increasingly more marriage getting into the ditch, because of swinging.  As with everything else, be careful, swinging will not fix any body’s marriage.  Swinging is for open minded couples who are living in deep love.  Swinging is supposed to spice up couples sex life, not wreck their marriage. So how can end up some open minded swingers couple marriage in the ditch?

Well maybe one of them was not open minded enough, or maybe their relationship was not strong enough to invite outsider into it. Swinging will not fix a bad marriage as I stated above.

One of my friend asked it. Why should I swing? Getting laid is so simple and I don’t need to deal with spouses and partners. He is right, getting laid is very simple today, but swinging is not just getting laid. It is much more. It is still couple’s game. Couples are the erotic engines in this lifestyle. Couples exchange partners, or invite a third person into their sex life. Are you want to do it? If you are living in relationship with someone and thinking about visit a swingers club, before you do so, you should ask several questions from yourself and from you spouse.

The most important one, can I handle to see my wife in the middle of the sexual activity with a young hot stud or maybe between two or more horny guys? Or if you are a female, can you handle to see your man by being wear down with other woman or in some cases wearing down by oversexed horny women?

There are lot of swingers guide on the net. Those guide can help you to make up you mind about swinging. Those guides created by persons who are practicing or used to practice swinging. They can give you some basic ideas what you have to face with, if you get into this lifestyle.

Check out one of those swinging guide on‘s website and be honest with yourself. Think about it, is it what I want? Is it what we need?