Mother & son incest fantasy

Lets say you are a 34 years old widowed woman, who have a 21 years old step son from your passed  a way husband’s previous marriage.  He passed a way 16 months ago (car accident). You and your step son live in the same house in the last 7 years.


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Basically you are his mother since he is 14 years old. His biological mother did not see him, did not contact him on anyway in the last 10 years or so. Her last know address is several thousands km a way at the other end of the states. When your husband passed a way, you tried to contact her, to notify her, but you (and your attorney) could not find her.

You and your husband’s “casual sex” life was really active… mainly because the big age difference between you and him and he really liked to watch you have penetrative sex with other men. Sometimes he joined in, sometimes he just loved to be a  cuckold…  You both as a couple was member of a local swingers club.

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You think your step son knows yours and his father sex preferences…

He is a smart young man and you live in the same house, even though the house it fairly big…

So my question is; Your step son is a very attractive young man, the age difference is just 13 years between you and him, and you think he finds you sexually attractive.

Would you have sex with him? Would you invite him to your sex party?

Would it consider as incest, or just an older woman younger man scenario? And men; Would you have sex with your stepmother after your father died? Would you participate in your step mom sex party? Continue Reading…


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In regards to your question, yes as a matter of fact I would. Continue Reading…


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I think you are talking about in your situation… I checked your profile out and your photos too and if I am your step son I would do anything with out any hesitation to get inside you.  Keep kinky things in the family…

And no it wont be incestThe definition of incest is sex between close blood relatives. An example of incest is a brother and sister having sex. Other example of incest is an uncle molesting his brother’s  daughter… or biological father or mother  have sex with his her own biological child.

You are not his blood relative, and if you want it, you can legally married him, even though I find that  gross…  Continue Reading…


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This situation come up for you? I wouldn’t just out of respect for my father.

Now if she had a daughter who wanted to fool around, I would definitely have sex with her… Continue Reading…

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No its is not incest, however I have step mother and I would not do her. Not even if my father ask me to do her…

But I would go to her sex party with my wife, but do not even want to see my parents to make out… That is gross. Continue Reading…


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I used to fantasize about incest in my younger age. Usually daddy and daughter. I didn’t think about doing it myself or with anyone in my family but it did get me and still gets me horny when I read about other people’s experiences, or girls that masturbate over their fathers.

Funny thing is though, I had sex, one night stand with my second cousin in my university age. We didn’t plan it and it was kind of weird but really hot too. Continue Reading…



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I had my son when I was 15. Now I’m 36 and he’s 21. His father has long disappeared, one day he went to work (he was a radio’s station DJ) and never came home. He run a way with his mistress…

Anyways when my son turned 18, I started noticing how hot he was! I wanted him so bad! I fantasized for a year about him.

On his 19th birthday, in a hot early summer day, he got home from school and I was in the kitchen, made diner in a see true negligee and started to flirt with him. I basically pounced on him and told him I was gonna give him the biggest wettest birthday present ever.

I unzipped him and pulled out his cock (bigger than any guy that I’d had sex with before) and blew him.

Then we had sex on the kitchen table. We’ve been sleeping together for 2 years  now. He comes home from collage and grabs my boobs, I grab his crotch. It’s great… Continue Reading…


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Really I do not think it is a good idea to keep having sex with your son. You are going to destroy his life.

You need to find a nice guy that can do the same for you. I mean I know how you feel.  I had an older brother and I used to fantasize about him when I masturbated…  I was hopping one day he will have sex with me, but it did not happen and now, I know it was a really bad idea. Continue Reading…

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Having sex with family members is incest  and it is very common erotic fantasy. To act on it, however, is not normal, and in many country  prohibited by law.

Something isn’t wired right for a person to confuse family love with romantic love.

You find the idea hot because it’s taboo, forbidden… But I find it sick to acting on it…  Continue Reading…


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We are not your average couple… Incest or not, it just a word, but I want to see my wife’s father fill her up with his hard member.

After talking with her about it, she thinks it would be hot to feel her own cerate’s cock inside her. He is divorced from her mom and we know he fucks around, but we don’t have the guts to ask him.

So yeah, I’d say it’s normal, as long as you don’t think romance and procreation involving,  “incest” can be extremely  cool and very erotic expereince. Continue Reading…

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