My Valentine’s Day Erotic Fantasy

This Erotic Valentines Day related post updated with new comments. Check it out at next: My erotic Valentines Day Fantasy. The fantasy that one day might come reality…

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But do I want to get my erotic Valentines Day fantasy reality?

kinky sexI am not sure, in fact i don’t think I want to get real, special this one. Why not? Well, let me tell you, I have a very dirty fantasy and some of them better stay fantasy forever….

This erotic Valentines Day fantasy of my is so dirty and so erotic, my face turn to be read (I am blushing) just to write this message… It does not count.. Does it? Not really because if I execute this fantasy… I can make it happen in dark and nobody will see my red face… plus I don’t think anyone want my face (maybe part of my face…) to fulfill with my erotic fantasy.

Anyways, the other thing, if I make my fantasy real happening…. so what will fantasize about after that?

Ok, I alredy know the answer for this…. I can fantasize about something even more kinkierĀ  and more erotic then this fantasy…

I think I will go for it… Do you want to help me?

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