My First Hot Wife Experience

This is not a fantasy, it’s reality, of course I had,  we had hot wife and threesomes fantasies before and talk about them a lot, but never did  anything to make it happen other than kissing at front of others.

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Our fantasy was great, and helped to make our sex life satisfying enough, however there is always room to improve…

The story begins at New Years Eve. We had a small – close friend circle, we do many things together, from playing golf to go weekend trips, etc. One of those things New Years Eve celebration with party.

The party usually dies after midnight, everyone goes home and when we get home, the real party begins with wild sex. Just a hubby and I. At this (2015 to 2016 New Years Eve) my period was almost due to arrive and time like that I always very horny… I was hopping time goes  fast and midnight and home time will come soon.

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Anyways we had our party in night club. It started at 8 pm with dinner. By the time the diner was over and we got to the bar, my husband started complaining that he wasn’t feeling good. He hadn’t even had a drink yet, so I knew he did not drink to much…

I was disappointed, because I like partying, but sex was in my mind also so I offered to drive him home, get him some medicine and get him to bed. He wanted to wait and see how he felt, but after about 1 hour, he looked really bad and said to his friends he was sorry, we needed to leave.

Two of his friends live in the same subdivision with us, we gave them the ride to the nigh club. They said they come with us and I kind of understand them, because the party just wasn’t a good  party.

To make the long story short… at the front of our home, the hubby invited them inside. He said it is almost midnight, we should have our midnight champagne. it was fine for the guys and was fine for me too.

We got in the house, make ourself comfortable in our basement, we use the basement as “party” room. We watched TV and waited for midnight, which arrived soon. We welcomed new Years with  Champagne, kisses and hugs, than one of them came up with the idea of dance. Hubby wasn’t ok and he said go and dance with them, I will watch,  so we did so..

casual sex datingThe guys and I had a great time. We had some more drinks, in fact the drinks were flowing and the flirting was by far at an all-time high. During the dance, there was a lot of grinding and groping. It was the most fun I had in a long time.

It was around 2 am when I felt I had more then enough to drink and decided to go to the washroom the fresh up myslef a little. After the washroom I set next to my husband on the  sofa, the two guys set at the other side of the coffee table on the chair.

Hubby immediately started to kissing me and playing with my boobs. The alcohol and my horniness made me not resist at all and did not take him a half hour or less… to unbutton my blouse and take my boobs to display and in the mean time his fingers was in my wet pussy. Continue Reading

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At this time my head cleaned up for a moment. I looked up and saw both of his friends get ride of their pants and they masturbated at the other side of the coffee table. Than the devil woke up deep inside me and made me ask them; “You guys need help, why don’t you come closer? I can handle this…”

I don’t give any more details,  other than the fact, I had the best sex ever in my life with them. Husband was sick, he wasn’t in the mood, he could not get it hard, but the two friend basically fucked the hell out of me… I had hard time to seat and walk for two days.

The second turn will be at Valentines Day. That will be a real hot Valentines Day party, the same two guys, hubby and I. My pussy getting wet just to think about it.

I will elt you know how that Valentines Day party worked out… Continue Reading

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