My vanilla marriage is over. Came here for nsa

I am an exhibitionist,  have been on this site over 2 years now. I joined out of curiosity since I got out of a  marriage that was pretty vanilla. I have discovered a lot about myself throughout my years here. Continue Reading…

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I have come to the point of my life that I am ready for a some what more serious relationship but I am not actively looking and do not want to give up the casual fun, until it is not necessary..

I have a theory that sometimes when your looking for something you might settle and I wont do that. I have high expectations and that will not change.

People come to this site for different reasons, some want to just get laid, some people just flirt, some people are here to make online or offline friends. Sometimes I feel I give out the wrong impression because people confuse the fact that you can be a exhibitionist without being promiscuous.

That you can be a good girl with a naughty side.  So my question is do you think it is deceiving to have another profile to meet people for different reasons…. I am not ashamed of who I am but my popularity (which is ridiculous btw) has made it hard to meet people…

What do you think??? Any input would be appreciated thank you. Continue Reading…


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It is certainly not wrong as several members on here are operating 2 or 3 and even more profiles.

The problem that I see is not that you are possibly deceiving others, but you are deceiving yourself.

Which of the profiles will be the real YOU? And do you want to meet people who actually didn’t want to meet you but your Alter Ego?

If your popularity is a problem… delete this profile and make a fresh start with new photos of you, be the new chick in town and men here crave for new faces, but be yourself. Continue Reading…

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Having more than one profile shows the character of the individual(s). It sound like you are alredy cheating and you did not even built anything, so definitely would not contact you with a serious relationship is in my mind.

But, you are who you are… period. Any attempt to alter anything between those profiles shows deceptive behavior. I don’t trust anyone that would do that. Continue Reading…


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I think it’s dishonest if you try to hide your identity and appear to be 2 different people. I have the “Check Out My Other Profile” link on both my profiles.

The main pics are the same or a slight variation of the other. The main difference is I have more pics and videos on my other profile.

I think two profiles double the chance to meet people, but they should not be different. I mean if you are looking for romantic dating, you should not look no string attached sex with  the other profile. Continue Reading…


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We have two profiles too, one is just for cuckold couples and has been up on Swingers Couple since about 1997.

This one which we made about two years ago for looking for single males. We hardly ever see any activity on our cuckold couples profile though so we mainly use this one.

It’s not been for any nefarious purposes though and we’re not trying to deceive anybody with them… Continue Reading…

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Exhibitionists Women on Exhibit!

I am a little bit an exhibitionist. While I love to take pictures and I  like the idea of being seen… even my very privet body parts.

Are those women realy exhibitionist? Maybe, but does it make any difference?

Check out the Hottest Member Videos gallery. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their animal instincts overtake them on cam!

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