Never have sex with a friend

A lot of people have given me the advice in my younger days: Never have sex with a friend. Why not?

Sex with a friend not just for lesbian roommates.

I think everyone (strait, gay lesbian or bi sexual) should try to have sex with a friend. It is really enjoyable and comfortable situation. You know your friend and your friend knows you. There should not be any pressure to be perfect. You are allowed to be the person who you are. You do not have to try to be perfect, because your friend might know anyway you are not. In friendship you are perfectly aware of each other and accept each other. Friends honest with each other about birth control and protection. Friends are for have fun together and be there to help when help is needed even if this help mean to balance the un-balanced sex life or spice think up in a bedroom.

And for extra, friends can laugh when things do not work out perfectly, because they know it, they can try it again at anytime. Friends are not lovers so they are not jealous, therefore they give to the another maximum freedom. A lot of people know this. That is why so many swinger’s ads start like this: We are looking for friends and maybe more!

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