Extreme no string attached sex at New Years Eve

What do class as extreme sexual activity in no string attached sex? I red a blog post one one website, that is related to this website and it made me think.  The message poster talked about extremes in sex.

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As I red the post, the question was born in my mind? What do you consider as extreme sexual activity in no string attached sex?

I think I may possibly would be the worst swinger in the world, that is why we (my husband and I) never go to any swingers’ club or swingers party. It does not mean we do not like sex and casual sex.

In fact for me, extreme  sex means another man’s cock inside me with hubby’s cock. That’s where the boundary is. I will play with others, together with my husband and both of us  love it… This is what some may view as extreme sex play, but if I take a cock from other man, that happens with my husband’s help only.

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Together he and I have explored nearly all aspects of our bodies and our sexuality. We both leave ourselves open to whatever ideas each other may have and with mind blowing results.

While we do love to have a little pain and pleasure, we have never played this way with anyone else and we don’t really want to share that side of us physically with others.

I love to be touched with more than two hands at the same time, thankfully we love to touch each other, but he have only two hands, so we need help….

The sensuality starts with erotic touch and might continues through to rich orgasms.

Sometimes we can’t have orgasm without penetrative sex, but that is hard with lovers who do rush things… Husband  knows how and where to touch me or even look at me and he makes sure our sex plays are always  satisfying enough.

So what do you consider as extreme casual sex? For example celebrate New Years Eve with yoou husband and two other men, and have sex with all… Would it be extreme?

I just would like to know what others think about extreme in nsa sex.

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Nothing about sex is extreme. You do whatever you and your husband and sex partner like, and meets with your limits.

However, nsa  sex without penetration seems short of most people goals here. Not sure if there are many person that would  participate in this kind of New Years Eve celebration.

It is like “watchers” in the swingers club, they are free to watch and have sex with their own partner, or free to watch and masturbate if he is a single man. This does not consider as extreme. It is just “watcher”.



I think that if you and the person you are with,  having a good time its fine.  What would make it extreme?

Well with some partners its a little spanking, with another its anal penetration, yet another considers nothing short of her and 4 cocks as extreme!

I love it all as long as it doesn’t hurt.  I think there are loads of different ways to have sexual pleasure and that none of them are actually extreme if they are fun! However the time, I mean the fact you want to spend New years Eve with tree men, that would not be extreme. Just because of New Years Eve, that would make it a New Years Eve more some or orgy.

For me it would be extrema sex, if they tide me up, blindfold me and would use every possible hole on my body on all kind of kinky ways… That would be extreme and I am not sure I would be into anything like that.

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Extreme in sex and or extreme in casual sex have nothing to do with New Years Eve.

Extreme to one person might not be Extreme to another. It is all in the way you look at it, not on the reason why you have nsa sex.


If your wife say, she want to get into sex partner swapping, group sex, making erotic videos, wouldn’t you really be horrified?

I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.

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