Valentines Day NSA with my brother in law

Would you have casual sex with your brother in law? At the front of your husband?  I did it… It happened after our Valentines Day get together with co workers. All three of us (husband, his brother and I) work for the same company, and the party was organized by the UNION. Continue reading..

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It wasn’t a sex party, it was a regular Valentine’s Day party. We live in a small town, about half hour drive to the party’s location. We decided before the party we would have a couple of drink and we will stay over night in a hotel. The party was held in the hotel’s night club. Therefore we reserved a hotel room (with two beds) for us for the night.

At the party, there was some drink, some weeds too (in the parking lot) and a lot of sexy dance and touching. We are not swingers and we never had sex with anyone outside of out our marriage, but we were fantasize about it a lot…

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Anyway, the party was over and three of us walked to the hotels elevator, and as I glanced down, I observed a noticeable bulge in my brother in law’s pants.

He walked behind me as we got into the elevator, and I knew he was staring at my legs under my short skirt. In the elevator, I stood between him and my husband. Continue reading..

My husband noticed his brother’s “package” in his pants too and he asked him: Are you getting an erection? His brother whispered, Yes. For my big surprise my husband asked his brother: Would you like to fuck her?

I could not believe what I just heard, however I was horny, and a little drunk and a bit high, and he was a nice guy, plus the bulge in his pants was really impressive… Also we fantasized this before.

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So my husband looked at me and said, that would be fun and would stay in the family. What do you think? Are you in? It is up to you.

I did not know what to say so I said something like: Oh… really? It is… is it? Continue reading..

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As the elevator moved up my husband said to his brother, I can’t wait to watch you put that hard dick of yours inside my loving wife. I just smiled and remained silent until the elevator reached our room’s floor.

We got out and walked down the hall to our room, we get in and closed the door. Hubby took a seat in a chair facing the bed from the corner of the room. His brother peeled his shirt off as I watched, and then sat on the edge of the bed.

He told me to turn around, and to bend over to take my shoes off.

Hesitantly, I did as he asked. I felt my skirt rode up high on my thighs. I knew that was revealing the tops of my nylons and a portion of my bare skin.

I threw my shoes into a corner, and moved over to the edge of the bed right in front of him. I wanted him to take the lead in whatever we did. Continue reading..

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He grabbed my right leg at the knee, and placed my foot on the bed. Then he wrapped his hands around my calf, and in one long massaging stroke, he slide his hands up my leg past the top of my nylons… and up to the edge of my panties. I felt a mini-shutter course through me as this new pair of hands touched me that way. Then he slid his hand back and forth along the top of my thigh, and worked his hand under the edges of my panties. He touched my moist slit before pulling out. Continue reading..

By that point I had my eyes closed, and I had to catch my breath. I felt him sliding his hands back down my thigh, catching the top of my thigh-high as he went. He pulled it off of my leg.

The hubby told me later that I tossed my head back as his brother began to fondle my breasts with one hand while his other continued to caress my pussy. Slowly he removed my other nylon, and then he stood up and turned me to face to my husband as he positioned himself behind me.

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I opened my eyes and maintained eye contact with my husband as his brother began slowly massaging my neck and shoulders. Then he lightly kissed my neck, as his hands moved down my arms. I felt his tongue licking my neck as he kissed me from my ears to my shoulders. I tilted my head to each side to allow him more access. His fingers then moved to my waist. He unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Continue reading..

His hands slid down over my ass and massaged it firmly. Almost as though I was on autopilot, my hands moved to his belt and started undoing the buckle. I got my clasp and zipper open and reached into his underwear. I grabbed on to his rock hard cock… and gave it a squeeze. Continue reading..

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Erotic Valentine’s Day

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