NSA sex dating. Get laid on your first date, how to get lucky on your first meeting

If the meeting’s subject is NSA sex, you can call it first meeting or first date, it will not make any difference.

Anyways, I am a single man and I would be interested to know… You are on a first meeting with a woman. She has said in advance, you are only meeting as friends to see how you get on. You chat for an hour or so and you are getting on very well.

Would you make a move and see what the reaction was, hoping you could take it further
there and then, or would you wait for a next time.

The reason I ask, is because I have been in this situation twice now. Once, I was the perfect gentleman and we went our separate. Later I found she would have fucked me there in the coffee house, if I  given my half the chance!

The second, I did make a move and we had a great time in a nearby motel room.

I know women can change their minds, but how are us men supposed to know! Do you take a chance or not?? I don’t want to be accuse of rape!

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NSA sexI’m not a guy obviously but in my experience men have come right out and asked if I was interested in going somewhere and getting naked.

You’ll either get a yes or a no, but if you do not try you might miss an opportunity…

However if I really like the guy, I might make the first move…


Sex personalsThere is nothing wrong in asking how she feels about things, that include sex and if she would like too take things too the next level, even if it isn’t going to happen, there and then.

You would only be accused of rape if you pounced on her, there and then and that’s not what it’s all about. You can not rape anyone just by asking a question. Rape is a forced sexual action…

If you think there is a “chemistry” just ask.  Sometimes, fortune favors the brave but, it all depends on how brave your feeling, and her feeling?

Ask nothing and you can go home and masturbate…

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adult datingFrom a woman’s point of view: And that is what I am waiting for to see if man is that gentleman or not.

If one presses for sex I would walk and have walked because the person is not only incapable of keeping one’s word plus he must be so desperate he cannot wait, thus the odds of more than one time meeting diminishes greatly.

But this is maybe just me. I know a lot of people come here to find NSA sex partner, but not everyone. Some of us looking for long term sexual relationship…

And long term does not mean the woman does not want the man from that first meeting: I wanted my lover from day one but we waited through several meetings to get to know each other better and that only made me want him all the more.

The more time invested, the longer the fire stays and sex will be better.

Do you have NO sex on first date rule? Click on the right word to vote!

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naughty womanThe only way you can be accused of rape is if you make your move, she says no and you keep making your move.

If the right chemistry is there, you should be able to feel it, and if you make your move and she’s not into it, the worst that can happen is she turns you down. And you stop, end of the date, no further action, no rape.


sex datingLearn how to read not verbal cues. If she acts like she is
hot for you… suggest you reconsider the prior agreement.


I really think it depends on the situation and how well things are going. I have been in that situation a couples of times and have been the gentleman and let the lady decide and every time I have ended up in bed with them.

I think if the woman is comfortable and feel no pressure you might have better luck. Yes being  gentleman and showing the lady respect goes a long way.

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