NSA Sex Style Valentines Day Celebration

My man I with a few good men at this Valentines Day’s weekend would be everything that I wish to get for a Valentines Day present.

no string attached sex

When I said few good men, I meant men who can perform, men who can get it hard if there are other men and men who does not care if accidentally get touched by other man. Let me assure you I am not into any men to men play and I do not want to pay with bi men.

wanna playwannaplay

If you are a married couple and your husband id a bi sexual, that is okay for me, but please find an other bi sexual couple for yourself. We are a very straight couple and play with other strait people only. Don’t want bi men touch also don’t want bi women touch either. If this is okay for than you might contact us.

Anyways, our deal is… Celebrate Valentines Day with style, with casual sex. My hubby and I and few good men in a hotel room or in a hotel suite. Don’t worry, we pay the hotel. You can bring your girlfriend… or if you are a married man, than you are not welcome with out your wife.

Anyways, if you want to play contact us, because the time is clicking… Valentines Day will be here soon and we will celebrate it with style…. the question is, will you be there? So far there are three men and I… Contact us for more.

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