NSA sex with dinner or sex after dinner

How far will you travel for NSA sex or to just eat dinner? You have people that want you to travel over 100 miles to eat and drink on the assumption that there will be no fun
and games (like you are going because you might get lucky)?

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Is that acceptable or should it be: have the intentions to play and if nothing happens it was nice to meet you. Keep in mind you have chatted, exchanged numbers, and swapped pics, web-cammed, etc.

What do you think? Continue Reading


NSA sexwelikeall

We never drive longer than one hour for maybe sex… But we have playmates, they visit us from about 200 miles  a way. However dinner is optional, and the sex almost sure.

If they come, than is party time and they stay for two nights… Continue Reading


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I think if they want to meet… and are not expecting sex… and if you want to meet and there is the option for  wicked sex… Is a good thing.

I would not drive for dinner only, longer then 30 miles. Continue Reading


NSA sexrm_mikelineaz

We don’t normally travel more than 20-30 miles.  However, we have been in smaller towns and that did require some extra traveling to meet from time to time.

And I have been through your beautiful little town a few times, and I must say; You will probably need to travel a bit too. Continue Reading


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I think my limit would be a 2-hour drive.  I’ve driven 75-100 miles
on multiple occasions just to meet for dinner, but the possibility of sex was on the menu… Be up-front about your intentions. Continue Reading



Anal sex on first date?

If you are a man and your hot and horny partner with wide open legs will tell you, no condom no sex, I bet you will roll one on in almost no time at all…. How to roll a condom onsafer sex info.

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys

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The farest we have gone to date is 55 miles. We would be willing to go further to meet with the right person(s). Continue Reading


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100 miles is a long drive (particularly at today’s gas prices) but the expectation is sex and that is often worth a drive…

There are no guarantees but you are not going to guarantee them because you have not met.

If you car gets decent mileage on a gallon, you are risking twenty bucks… Not a lot for a good night of sexual pleasure. Continue Reading


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I think if someone is willing to drive far to meet you, and have dinner, with no expectations of sex, they must really like you. Thats always a good thing. Continue Reading

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It all depends on what had been said. If I knew it was going to be for drinks, and was fine with it, then you should be cool.

There is always that hope in the back of your mind about getting lucky…. Just normal. I don’t see a problem with driving that far, as long as the parties are on the same page. Continue Reading


NSA sex adswyldechyld

Are they also traveling 100 miles?

Perhaps y’all could meet somewhere in the middle. Continue Reading


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If this just first meet in public place to check out other
persons, then maybe up to one hour.

If you already know persons and want sexing to be arrange, either get understanding from start or have nice romantic candlelight dinner with partner at home.

If sexing guarantee, then distance up to you…. Continue Reading


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50 miles max for sex. No dick is worth me traveling more than that. I would not go out of my city for dinner only. Continue Reading