Married women looking for nsa sex on the side

There is something I was thinking and still thinking about a lot. It is single women’s profile, who are not really single. They are married or live together with someone in committed long term romantic relationship, and they create a single woman profile here.

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I hope you understand the meaning of this question… A married woman create a single woman’s profile here and in a lot of caress even post here pussy photos as she finger herself or play with herself, or just a play view of her shaved pussy.

My question is: Why would a married or attached lady make out a single woman profile? Why she try to find sex partner as a single looking for no string attached sex, when she is married or attached? Continue reading…


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This is simple and apparently you did not think hard enough, otherwise you would figure the answer out yourself.

Married women seek nsa sex because what ever reason they can’t get enough at home. Are they cheat on their husband? Maybe they do, but I am not here to fix or break anyone marriage, so I just mind mind own business.

Or maybe they do not cheat, maybe they live in open marriage and this is this their way to let the users know, they are married but they looking for no string attached sex, with out their spouse, so they play as a single person. Continue reading…


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I am a married woman  too but I want to hang out, casual dating and have discreet  affairs with cool single guys. Casual sex relationship with married men is complicated…

That is why I prefer single men. If you are a well hung single guy and if you love blond women, just flirt me, and we will see where it will go. Continue reading…


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This is a casual sex or no string attached sex dating website, originally was created for swingers, but anyone can join in and use the site.

So, here you can find casual sex partner if  you are, married or single or in a long term relationship. Or maybe you’re looking for something new, like a threesome 🙂 or someone new to spice sex up.

What ever is your reason and what ever is those married women’s reason to post single profiles, at the end they are looking for no string attached sex. Otherwise they would not be here.

They are married, therefore their sex partners no need to worry about longterm commitments… That is why they states they marital status. They are honest up front by let you know, they looking for sex only and nothing more… Right? Continue reading…



A lot of married women into NSA sex… and they are good at it. Married women are good fucks due to the fact that they are married.

Why Would Anyone Take a Third Person Into Their Marital Relationship.

A lot of women fantasize threesomes. Sex with two men.

Threesome sex tips.


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Plenty of men do the same thing, have a single male profile but then claim the wife is involved too, so why cant they make a couples profile also.

I think it is to show, they can play as a couple or they prefer play separately as single… The main reason is, they want to have more sex… Continue reading…


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People came here for  many different reasons…

But to answer your question, is simple. Skip over the ones you don’t like
and contact with the ones that interest you.

Live isn’t perfect but you are making it a lot more complicated than it really is.

By the way I am married too and posted my profile as single woman… Just for your information, I play alone, but select my future sex partners together with my husband… Do you want to know why? I am not telling you… you are a big thinker so find it out yourself. Continue reading…

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I hear what you are saying. I am a married woman with a single profile because that is all they offer. There is no “married and looking for…” category.

I also leave it no doubt I am not looking for a man alone. I have it set for couples and other females so it is different than what you are saying.

I do think your process of if they want to meet they would meet through the couples profiles is flawed. Single men can be a pain. Many couples prefer to find their own singles
not reading from all the unsolicited “wanna fuck?” emails. Continue reading…


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I am not sure what is your problem with married women… It can be hard to find the right playmate. Just like looking for a truly single STRAIGHT man. A lot of men seem to be the unicorn these days. Continue reading…