First date sex with an older woman

How strong should you come on during first meet or first date with older women?

I am a young man, but love older women. I have met two ladies for coffee recently, one in late 40s and the other early 50s. We had a very friendly meet over a dinner (I paid) and discussed our backgrounds etc. but I did not say anything about sex & neither did they.

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Got a follow up email from both saying thanks but no thanks. I had sent to both, naked  full body pictures, (they requested) a face picture and my profile is very honest, it gives my height & weight.

I am wondering if I should have come on a lot stronger in the sex department?

How do you know what a lady is looking for casual sex if they don’t tell you. I told them I would like to see them again and would like to go further. Continue reading...


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The first meet is just for that, unless you’ve worked something out in specific with whomever you’re corresponding with, it’s just a get to know each other meeting.

Pushing yourself on someone just because they answered an email from you on this site means nothing. Consider this the same as any other dating site in that regard, you have to earn a lady’s attentions, and nothing is guaranteed.

If you want to be sure, keep it in your pants and seek to make a friend first,more will follow eventually

Some guys proclaiming they can get laid tonight, and they got many times. It can happen, but keep in your mind, this is an erotic dating site, but no one owes anyone sex just for meeting with them… However a lot of women looking for one night stand only… so it happens. Continue reading...


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I am here for nsa sex, I do not have time to meet again and again.

Just look at this website, it is not as church’s website, so of course these ladies came her in the hope of sex… Even dough we are living in this new-age nsa  hookup culture, people like you still viewing sex on the first date as a make-or-break moment, leaving most of us to agonize over what the right move is.

If you find your dating partner attractive then you should have absolutely no qualms about going for it. What can you lose? They might say no, or you might have sex… No other possibility…

Therefore coming on a bit stronger may prove far more beneficial. As things stand, it`s not working for you.

Who knows? They may be waiting for you to make the first move. If you don`t ask, if you don’t try, you obviously don’t get. Continue reading...

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I understand those ladies.

I’m sure the ladies in question don’t want to see you again because you didn’t throw them down and tear their clothes off, in fact did not even try.

Women, special older women comes here for sex, they don’t have time and energy for romantic candle light dinner and talking about your background. Continue reading...


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If I meet someone, who might turn ti be a sex partner, I will bring up sex before the actual date. Maybe you should have mentioned sex before the meeting, you did not do it, so you should do in face to face.

I think your problem is, you are not confident enough… Remember confidence  is sexy.

Sounds to me that maybe since you said you’d like to see them again for dinner or a movie maybe they think it’s just for things like that and not sex?

Anyways, by the time I meet a man for the first meeting, we know where we want it to go and we know what the other wants. Continue reading...


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Just think with your big head…. Older women want to have sex with younger men. They don’t need romance in the movie theater…

Your bigger head should make much better decisions then the little one, however you should try to use the little one too… and not for thinking Continue reading...


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I know why I am meeting with someone, and it is not for coffee or free diner. I can afford a diner alone, but I can’t have sex alone. That is just masturbation…

I tell them before we even meet lets be adults we either are a match and to a room we go, or we are adults and say it isn’t working for one of us.

This way no bad feeling, no one get hurt. It is a sex dating website, I am here for have NSA sex, and would rather know up front, I might have sex on the first date. Continue reading...


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Older women looking for younger men usually for sex.

Sounds like while they and you had a nice time maybe they were looking for a chemistry thing and it just didn’t happen for them.

Only my thoughts. Also what were the expectations? You might bring up the subject of sex, either way… List you will know what can you expect. Continue reading...


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It they aren’t into you, they aren’t into you. Often you don’t know if there will be chemistry between you until you meet up.

I think chemistry is a bit less important to men than it is for women.

Women know what they want. When they met you, they didn’t feel what they needed. Don’t worry, it’s not a reflection on you. It just means you weren’t the man
for them.

If you come on more strong, and they aren’t into you, you are likely to get a slap in the face. I think you did all right, because you got a thanks but no thanks email.

If they did not like you you’ll never get a chance to ask them out again, as you’ll be blocked.

So probably they think you are to nice to have sex with…. Older women like bad boys… Continue reading...

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