One Night Stand in The Car

Not afraid of my age. Age it’s just a number to indicate experience and I feel good about myself. However, I am intrigued that some in my age category are still having sex in a car. I could see on the hood of a car or leaning her over the trunk…

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I know it is one night stand… but just don’t know if I’m flexible enough any more to do it inside the car.

So, does the car still have the same allure now as it did when you were teenagers or is there an age when you grow out of it or should grow out of it? Or it is okay for a one time fling…? Continue Reading…


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Casual sex is casual sex and one night stand is casual sex… I am like you,  not a teen anymore, however I would say, have nsa sex in a car… it depends on the car.

I don’t want to have other then oral sex in a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500… a but a van or a full size SUV would do it all right…. Continue Reading…


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I think you boys aught to get out more, go for a ride so to speak… I still love backseat sex, I may hurt a little the next day, but it’s worth it! Continue Reading…


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I do like fooling around in a car still, but it kinda all depends. A car with Jack in the Box sacks or happy meal boxes or worse trashing the interior is a real turn off.

Leather seats are a real plus, but you don’t have to have spread your legs out the sunroof sex. Petting and stimulating will lead to more.

Something about the closeness, the memories etc. are a huge turn on. Some back seats have you sitting quite close, legs arched upward. You just look so seductive and fooling around as someone else drives.

Letting people beside the car see you in the back seat, skirt up with legs being caressed, or a bunch of blond hair in someone’s lap, or a hand or head under your skirt, getting horny typing this… my 2 cents. Continue Reading…



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It depends on the situation. One night stand in a car is cheapskate, they should  go into a hotel or motel.

But I don’t mind having fun with my boyfriend in the car like if we’re going to a drive-in. Continue Reading…


casual sexsexyblondykitty

No offense intended but I have actually planned car sex, and it had absolutely nothing to do with being a cheap skate….

I think you’re wrong here. Of course, that’s just me, but I love to have sex in the car, I love to take risk to being catch… and I love when people try to pick in the car window…

Of course it is night time fun only and tinted window… Continue Reading…

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You see last time we tried to have orgasm in a car, the man I was with forgot to place the emergency brake on and in the heat of passion, one of us accidentally knocked the car into neutral.

Neither one of us were paying much attention to the movement of the car, because we were making our own movement if you get my drift.

The car began to roll down the hill and pick up speed. I was half naked and the guy had his pants around his ankles. We were fucking like crazy, not realizing the car was moving all on its own, that was until we hit a parked police cruiser.

What was worst was the fact that we were having a blast, and when the car stopped the gear shift ended up in my mans ass.

Now explain that one to the doctor, the police and the man’s wife I was with…  But love messing around in a car still. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexAnewWoman

Why not?  When the mood hits, you either lead or leave. Otherwise
I suppose you can schedule a date night.

I don’t like mechanical sex, I want feelings, and spontaneity is definitely a good feeling. Continue Reading…


sex on the first datesex on the first date

If it is a one night stand… why not? One night stand is usually timing. It is not about money, it just right time and location. If not hotel or motel around a car is perfect…

Of course if the scenario is planed  then motel… you do not plan sex in the car, just if you are exhibitionist… Continue Reading…

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